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Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Connect your Mediasite installation with your Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, or Sakai Learning Management System (LMS). This integration will enable your students to easily view Mediasite videos and add workflows to the LMS to enable faculty to easily post course content. With this integration you can grant faculty the ability to generate new content directly through the LMS, and automatically add it to the course page.
  • clock icon Up to 4 hours
  • location pin icon Remote
  • user group icon New or existing customers

What to Expect

While both Mediasite and Mediasite Cloud can integrate with Learning Management Systems as a core feature, you may choose to have professional assistance configuring your Mediasite instance to:

  • Verify these systems communicate securely
  • Ensure that necessary tools are made available to authenticate users and authorize access to the appropriate items and features in Mediasite
  • Verify that you have specific workflow goals that your LMS integration supports
  • Determine that you are setup in the best way to support your instructors

This service includes:

  • A Mediasite Consultant will work with your LMS and Mediasite Administrators to plan your integration
  • Your consultant will provide assistance with configuring the integration for a single Mediasite environment
  • Proper testing to ensure that your instructors and students can view and manage Mediasite content appropriately

Project Kick-Off

Call to discuss the project and your desired outcomes for integrating Mediasite with your Learning Management System. During the meeting, your Mediasite Consultant will review your Mediasite system configuration and discuss integration options. A date will be scheduled for the final integration and testing.

LMS Integration with Mediasite

Your Mediasite Consultant will work with your Learning Management System administrators to configure the LMS with the recommended settings for integrating Mediasite, customized to your needs. At the end of this roughly 2 hour working session, Mediasite will be configured to integrate with your LMS. Testing of services will be conducted to ensure that a user can connect to Mediasite from the LMS securely and access the appropriate features. We will also test using the integrated options by posting Mediasite links into the LMS and ensuring that those links work as expected.


Once the integration is complete, we will work with you to ensure everything is functioning properly and address any final questions you may have.

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