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Lecture Capture

Transform teaching. Elevate student learning with video. 

Sure, ordinary lecture capture systems help students study. But Mediasite lecture capture does so much more than that. It improves the experience of learning for all involved, creating a more personalized and interactive course with classroom recordings 

Why instructors embrace it 

Mediasite is completely non-disruptive: faculty don’t have to change a thing, they just show up and teach. The Mediasite magic happens entirely behind the scenes, managing classroom recording schedules, equipment, cataloging and publication. And that’s true when they’re recording a lecture in the classroom, at home or in the field.  

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Show complex information with ease

Record it all with multi-stream capture – the lecturer, boards, slides, student questions, etc. Show up to four HD videos simultaneously, ideal for tutorials, labs and simulations.


Capture anywhere, anytime

With personal capture, your lecture recording scenarios are limitless. Thanks to our simple-to-use software, instructors (and students) can record and upload lecture capture videos and assignments from any device. 


Show up and teach

Mediasite’s automated capture gives your faculty the freedom to teach and present the way they want – no equipment futzing required.


Boost student achievement and retention

Create engaging and personalized classroom recordings that let students learn at their own pace. Study after study shows that Mediasite lecture capture is a key factor in increased student retention.


Upload easily to your LMS

Making video as accessible as possible is crucial. Students and faculty can interact with lecture recordings from within the course LMS, on any device. 

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Promote student-instructor interaction

Highlight video moments with annotations. Let instructors underscore key concepts, add explanation, and invite student comments. This creates a virtual discussion area that becomes a permanent part of the on-demand video.


Supplement Course Material 

Embed links to course materials, secondary sources, enhanced quizzes, exam prep materials—all the knowledge that improves critical thinking and enhances results. 

Why Technologists Rely on It

For technologists and instructional designers, new technology can mean more work for them: installing, maintaining, teaching and supporting a system. That stretches an already thin set of resources. Mediasite lecture capture does just the opposite. Simple to set up, effortless to maintain, and easy to adopt, it involves virtually no system administration, no training and no user support load. 

Set It—Forget It 

Setting up Mediasite lecture capture is as simple as setting up a cable box. Once everything’s connected, the rest is automatic, from scheduled recording to uploading, cataloging and setting permissions.

No Upgrades Required 

Mediasite lecture capture works with your existing presentation and recording equipment, no matter how old they are. It integrates perfectly with every major LMS, and it effortlessly scales campus-wide. 

Technology People Use 

Great technology is useless if students and faculty don’t use it. Mediasite lecture capture is instantly adopted, since it’s easy to use, and imposes no changes on how users teach and learn. 

Robust Analytics 

Your IT team will be able to produce and distribute detailed analytics that range from viewership and usage patterns, to group and individual student outcomes, to investment ROI, and more.

1,700+ colleges and universities trust Mediasite for video done right. Are you ready to join them?

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