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One of the Largest Hospitals in The Netherlands Selects My Mediasite to Train Its 4,000+ Workforce

August 02, 2016

Medical Center Leeuwarden’s new MCL Academy staff training program in the Netherlands has selected My Mediasite to deliver instructional videos directly to a dispersed workforce.

Using My Mediasite Desktop Recorder, the center’s training staff can create, upload, edit, share and manage instructional videos that guide users through the medical center’s newly-implemented electronic health records system. Videos range in topics such as how to look up a patient in the system to ordering medical tests like blood work and x-rays, and are available to review anytime, anywhere. Videos are managed in Mediasite Video Cloud, a reliable and simple-to-use platform for video streaming and content management.

“The standard training e-learnings that were provided with our new health records system were all in English, which was making it more difficult than it had to be for our healthcare professionals. The video clips we can create with My Mediasite are all in Dutch, which makes it much easier and more productive for our staff. Plus, it is more cost-effective to create our own videos using Mediasite,” said Dian Webbink, leading e-learning project consultant, MCL. “Mediasite is very easy to use, and the videos are just a click away whenever they’re needed. We are happy that Mediasite is compatible with our learning management system so we can fully integrate videos in our curriculum.”

The center deployed Mediasite in November 2015, and training staff have already created 370 videos that have received more than 53,300 views to date.

“We’re looking forward to using Mediasite for our other projects, such as creating video introductions for new staff and continuing medical education for our doctors to keep up with their class requirements,” Webbink said. “Some of our doctors also want coaching on the job, so using Mediasite to record how they communicate with their patients allows them to go back and review their performance and find ways they can improve.”

“With ever-changing procedures, devices, technology, and regulations that affect the provisioning of healthcare, it is critical that health care professionals keep up with new products and research on a timely basis. Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite platform creates video solutions that allow hospitals to easily and cost-effectively keep their staff up to date on the latest advancements so they can provide the best standards of patient care,” said Gary Weis, CEO, Sonic Foundry. “We’re proud to provide Medical Center Leeuwarden with an unparalleled secure way to create and instantly share videos with Mediasite.”

About MCL
MCL is a large and specialized teaching hospital in the province of Friesland. MCL is part of a select group of hospitals in the Netherlands that provides specialized clinical care and educational facilities and licenses.

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