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To date we’ve saved in the millions of dollars in travel with Mediasite.
Scott Lawson, Business Systems Architect


Not so long ago in the corporate world, video communications were streamed one way – from the top down. C-suite executives at QAD, a global enterprise resource planning software company, accessed video communications that required a lot of time in planning and post-production, but no one else at the company did. QAD wanted to break down the silos of information that existed in departments and processes.

“Being a creative and innovative company, we really value ideas and innovation and finding out from all parts of the organization how we can make the organization better, our products better and how we can make our profits better,” said Scott Lawson, business systems architect.


Enter QTube, a corporate-style YouTube at QAD that has cost-effectively improved communication within the organization. Anyone with a laptop, webcam and Mediasite can create and publish videos containing community updates, professional development and training, as well as rate them, see what videos are being watched and which are the most popular.

“Mediasite gave us the ability to create presentations on the fly or very simply,” Lawson said. “Before we had a lot of post-production time and so the creation of those videos was really reserved to a small subset of people, but in Mediasite we were able to democratize this way of communicating to any person.”


Along with better communication and collaboration, QAD reports tremendous ROI on saved travel costs.

“Since the time QAD created QTube, there has been almost a moratorium on travel. People started to be able to avoid travel; to date we’ve saved in the millions of dollars in travel with Mediasite,” Lawson said.

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