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We got a 100% return on investment within 30 days of using Mediasite.
Lawrence Grafton, Solutions Product Manager

The Want

With more than 100,000 employees around the world, Dell was spending upwards of $750,000 annually on weekly live video presentations for training and internal communications. The tech giant needed a forward-thinking, cost-saving solution to streamline and leverage internal media and, in the process, foster corporate culture and channel its employees’ unstoppable energy.

The Grit

“I knew that rich media was being created all across Dell,” said Lawrence Grafton of Dell. “But it was coming from all directions without a centralized distribution solution.”

His idea to use Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform to streamline video and save money with a single platform was a hit. Grafton created DellTV powered by Mediasite to ensure that everyone, no matter where they are in the world, is speaking the same language. In the first year it took on hockey-stick growth within the organization.

The Payoff

Dell put video power into its employees’ hands using Sonic Foundry’s desktop video creation and publishing platform. Launching DellTV, a private, secure repository of the company’s video, they made every piece of video immediately searchable and archived, available in seconds around the world.

Not only did they recoup their costs in 30 days, they’ve improved internal communications immeasurably. From training videos to flipped meetings, immediately accessible video makes all the difference.

“For the first time ever, we have sales talking directly to marketing, and engineering collaborating with training,” Grafton said.

After three months of using My Mediasite, Dell employees recorded and viewed more content than they had in the previous 18 months. With Mediasite, Dell is showing there’s real value in its employees’ contributions, increasing morale and productivity, too.

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