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    What’s Trending in Academic Video

    December 17, 2015

    Last month I had the pleasure of spending a full day with Mediasite users across the Northeast. Converging at New York University’s Stern School of Business in Greenwich Village, we were at home in one of the Big Apple’s trendiest neighborhoods. It was the ideal setting for the day’s conversations which were a snapshot of what’s trending in the world of academic video.

    Video’s Going Cloud, and Going Big

    NYU Stern_Jerry & JeffersonOur friends at Stern School of Business have been recording and managing lectures for many years. In the early days, an on-premises video platform met the need, but as faculty adoption grew and video creation exploded, they quickly outpaced the capability and reliability of this on-site system. With video generated 12 hours a day, 7 days a week from 40+ smart classrooms and special event rooms, the team knew they needed a more scalable and dependable solution. They chose Mediasite Cloud to stream and manage their high-volume video. Effectively off-loading the heavy video lifting from their own network to Mediasite Cloud’s secure, fault-tolerant platform, they streamed and managed more than 11,000 recordings and 700 special events in one year alone!

    NYU Stern is not alone. As key platforms like the LMS, SIS and productivity suites move to the cloud, it’s setting the stage to explore a similar path for campus video. This trend was clear from other institutions that joined us for the day. Schools like New York Law School and Harvard already trust their video to Mediasite Cloud as a worry-free, reliable alternative to on-premises video streaming and management.

    Video Storage & Retention Policies Are Top of Mind

    UntitledAlso fueled by the massive video creation and consumption growth, schools are actively seeking tools to monitor, anticipate and accommodate corresponding video storage and management needs. Our Northeast group readily discussed content-retention policies, best practices and even challenges. It was the perfect opportunity to also talk about Mediasite 7‘s newest content storage optimization capabilities including:

    • Quota management for user-generated content
    • Content storage reporting with a holistic view of storage allocated by course folder, users or video sources
    • Schedulable actions to automatically on-line, off-line and delete videos on pre-set dates or after a specified period of time

    Lecture Capture & Video Conferencing Unite

    Mediasite JoinAs students seek post-secondary degree options to support their increasingly constrained education wallets, work-study lifestyles and greater geographic flexibility, campuses are expanding their distance and blended learning programs. This often equates to a mix of communication and collaboration systems to support both synchronous and asynchronous learning. As demonstrated by Drexel University’s LeBow School of Business, these technologies are swiftly colliding to provide more efficient and economical ways for schools to extend online learning. With Mediasite Join, LeBow strengthened its Polycom videoconferencing by seamlessly adding lecture capture and video management capabilities. The combination not only facilitates teaching between Drexel’s Philadelphia and Sacramento campuses, but now provides students valuable searchable course videos that fit their study needs and busy schedules. Learn more here.

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