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What’s New with Mediasite? Tools to Help Gen Z Learn Smarter

October 23, 2019

An updated caption editor, confidence scoring, enhanced color contrast, theme options and audio monitoring are among the latest Mediasite updates to help schools accommodate all students.  

The new features give users better control over how students experience video lectures, ensuring the most impactful, data-rich and searchable study tools for all.  

Mediasite users are creating more than 2 million videos each year and those receive 110 million views annually! To state the obvious – that is a lot of video!

[Download: Mediasite’s Guide to Accessibility]

In the classroom, academic video is considered a necessity by students. They simply expect to have video lectures and assignments. So, making all that video content accessible and comprehendible to all students of all abilities is more important than ever. Mediasite’s latest tools help schools do just that.  

Improve transcript accuracy with updated caption editor 

Mediasite has speech-to-text integration with IBM Watson and automated closed captioning capabilities to create full content search for everything said and shown in many languages, automatically indexing it and removing vocal pauses for cleaner transcripts. Audio quality is the most crucial factor in machine text technology, and Mediasite’s updated caption editor allows users to easily edit caption files for even cleaner transcripts. Users can not only edit the files for things like punctuation and spelling but also change the timing to, for example, keep captions on the screen longer. Plus, new keyboard shortcuts help speed up the editing process. 

Gauge transcript accuracy with confidence scoring 

A new confidence score feature ensures the speech-to-text in Mediasite is accurate before displaying it as captions on a video. The score within Mediasite determines what percentage of words IBM Watson determined to be accurate. A score of 90 percent, for example, means at least 90 percent of the words are accurate. The addition allows Mediasite administrators to understand transcript accuracy on quick glance. 

Improve the viewing experience 

Mediasite continually tests its color contrast using industry standard tools to comply with visibility guidelines. Its new darkened theme improves color contrast ratio and text size to meet or exceed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA level. 

The Mediasite player and larger video libraries are also screen reader compatible. Viewers can use screen readers, such as Window-Eyes and JAWS, and Mediasite provides a text-centric screen reader layout for players that allows for easier keyboard navigation. 

In addition, Mediasite allows for magnification within the player for the hearing and visually impaired. All controls are available using either mouse or keyboard shortcuts. 

Stop audio issues in real-time 

Audio quality is just as important as the video itself. Mediasite has intelligence to notify administrators of audio problems– a professor forgets to turn on a microphone, for example — in real-time. 

In addition, enhancements to Mediasite Monitor, a Mediasite Recorder management tool, allow users to preview the output of up to 16 devices simultaneously without latency. Users can hear the audio preview and triage any potential audio issues, such as a bad microphone, and immediately resolve the issue. 

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