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    The Next Generation of Mediasite is Here: Mediasite 8

    July 22, 2021

    We are excited to announce Mediasite’s latest release- Mediasite 8 which features a powerful mix of tools to support the continued development of the digital-first, emerging hybrid world.  

    This modern video experience creates an engaging, interactive, and personalized communication for all areas of learning and events, no matter the distance. Key features include a more efficient way to store video, new integrations with video conferencing systems, as well as extensive new features that will improve your user experience, plus even more enhancements coming soon!  

    Mediasite 8 is the foundation of a reimagined video platform with a design-first, user experience focus. Mediasite 8 will:  

    • Empower content owners to control the video lifecycle while also still allowing organizations to implement policies around the content.  
    • Support automation with greater flexibility to ingest third-party streaming sources directly in Mediasite. Making Mediasite more open will help users scale faster by allowing even more content to come into the platform.  
    • Emphasize innovative capture solutions with a full suite of room-based and desktop software that can automate the content being created in classrooms, training rooms, and board rooms. 

    Creating a Personalized User Experience 
    As video usage continues to develop in everyday life, the key to increasing efficiency and flexibility for users starts with advancing fundamental tools. Mediasite 8 offers a diverse range of user benefits including a better-quality playback with advanced encoding settings, higher quality vodcasts to ensure maximum flexibility and portability in content, as well as heightened accessibility when recording, delivering, or creating video content.  

    What’s in Mediasite 8.0?
    Mediasite version 8 is the most scalable version to date with performance improvements for both live and on-demand playback. Advanced encoding settings will allow you to scale Mediasite to meet the increasing demands of your organization. As video continues to become more available and develop worldwide daily, Mediasite’s strong foundation has never been more suited to deliver accessibility, convenience, and reliable technology.  

    Manage videos more efficiently and reduce storage demand 
    A typical customer’s Mediasite usage has grown to an average of 1 million video views per month. Mediasite 8 has a new video engine, available now, designed to support ubiquitous usage, allowing users to store videos more efficiently. Benefits to users include:   

    • Better quality playback: Any video, regardless of where it was created, can now be optimized in Mediasite with advanced encoding settings to match users’ needs, greatly reducing file sizes while improving quality.  As the amount of content and usage scales, it’s important that systems can keep up, and the enhancements to Mediasite encoding sets users up to best scale their video deployments.  A lot has changed under the hood to help store content more efficiently.  Utilizing advanced bitrate control, we now offer new 720p and 1080p encoding settings with lower bitrates.  These encoding settings allow you to choose a resolution and a target bitrate.  Mediasite will then encode the video with the optimal bitrate based on the video content.  This all translates to both file size and bandwidth savings! Video uploads and Mosaic recordings will automatically take advantage of these new encoding settings. 
    • Higher quality vodcasts: Using the new video engine creates the best quality downloadable files. Today’s users need portable content that they can watch anytime, anyplace. Mediasite 8 is a big step in the direction of maximum flexibility and portability in content.   

    Record and deliver videos with new tools for creative flexibility
    An enhanced user interface makes it easier than ever to teach, learn and connect via Mediasite, including:  

    • Accessibility updates such as light, dark and high-contrast themes that enable choice, focus, comfort, and access.  
    • Unified application styles, including standardized header bars with improved search UI and user profiles. 
    • Bulk content management makes it quicker and easier to modify large amounts of content in Mediasite.   
    • Unified publishing options that give users more interactivity and engagement with a modern interface.   

    What’s next?
    Coming soon will be a new and improved video editor that allows even more enhancements including a larger array of background colors, images, and watermarks with additional video clip advancements. Over the next several releases, many highly requested editor features will be added, including audio level adjustment, the ability to join two presentations, creating corresponding edits in caption files, and the ability to quickly add leading and trailing video to a presentation. 

    A new video player will not only maintain the user’s ability to choose where to focus their attention but also provides a faster, more modern experience that provides an improvement to the interactive experience that you seek. Better native device support for mobile devices, the ability to customize caption sizes and colors, and a standard UI will all improve the playback experience. 

    As the digital, video-first world continues to expand, Mediasite’s new integration with Microsoft OneDrive will also allow users to automatically import, manage, search, and access all recordings from Microsoft Teams at any time. These innovations and updates will successfully contribute to the evolution of the next generation of Mediasite.   

    The first release of Mediasite 8 is available now. Learn more at or in our latest training course.


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