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Outcomes Award: Rural Wisconsin Families Stay Up-to-Date on Changing Healthcare Landscape with Free Online Videos

April 24, 2017

This is part of a continuing series highlighting the 2017 Enterprise Video Award finalists.


When the Affordable Care Act became law in Wisconsin, families and advocates needed help navigating the changing health care system. Now, the healthcare landscape is changing again across the country.

The public interest law firm Advocacy & Benefits Counseling for Health, Inc. (ABC for Health) needed an efficient way to get information out to a large number of people fast whenever changes like these take place. They turned to Mediasite to record informational webcasts.

“The American public has a lot of concerns about access to healthcare coverage. Children and families are sometimes caught in the crossfire,” said Bobby Peterson, founder and president of ABC for Health.


ABC for Health, located in Madison, Wis., uses Mediasite to help children and youth with special health needs and others stay connected to healthcare coverage.

It created an online video hub — HealthWatch Wisconsin — with free videos to explain the rules and regulations of healthcare reform.

“Policies and programs change constantly in the health care world. We can instantly do trainings and answer important questions in real-time with Mediasite using our HealthWatch Wisconsin training hub of on-demand webcast presentations,” Peterson said.

Everyone from healthcare workers and employers to parents and school nurses can log in, select the information they’re looking for and watch videos that address their needs.


Mediasite makes reaching thousands of members across Wisconsin easy and affordable. ABC for Health uses an in-house studio to record weekly live and on-demand webcasts to enhance their established in-person educational offerings, reducing travel costs and meeting the growing demand for online health care training events.

“We can instantly reach thousands of people with Mediasite, compared to when we do in-person trainings with 50 people in a room,” said Brynne McBride, chief operating officer. “Participants can ask questions and answer polls within Mediasite, too. We have so much fun recording videos. Instead of sitting down and writing an editorial to share with our members, we can use Mediasite to record engaging video.”

“Before we used Mediasite, ABC for Health spent a lot more on travel, hotels and photocopies,” Peterson said. “It was just a much more expensive process. We had a difficult time keeping material up to date. Mediasite allows us to work on-demand to get materials out. It’s accurate, it’s timely and it can have an immediate impact on the lives of people across Wisconsin.”

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