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    Our Customers are our Biggest Champions – Hear their Stories Today!

    October 08, 2021

    For decades, Mediasite has supported customers with their video needs. From events to conferences to online learning, Mediasite is the  go-to video resource for anyone hoping to build engagement in today’s virtual world.  

    Over the years, Mediasite Video Platform has helped improve communication, interactivity and accessibility across a wide range of organizations. We love to showcase the exciting ways our customers are leveraging Mediasite to keep people connected.  Our customers are our biggest champions- we hope these testimonials give you inspiration and ideas as you plan your video strategy.  

    University of Leeds 

    The University of Leeds is a large research-intensive university in the United Kingdom with over 40,000 staff and students combined. Mediasite partnered with Leeds to migrate their massive 200TB of content to the cloud. Working together, we were able to provide Leeds greater accessibility to their content and support a higher bandwidth of users. This project helped showcase how Mediasite’s cloud service works and how valuable it can be to an organization.  

    There are many benefits to using the cloud: 

    • Increase your time and space when managing video content 
    • Support a vast increase in usage during a sudden switch 
    • Provide greater accessibility to those who need it  
    • Save critical time and space when it comes to your content strategy 

    Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) 

    The world of conferences and events has been through a whirlwind of change over the past year and a half. As the world slowly starts to open back up, organizations are planning their first in-person events in over a year, and many of them are using a hybrid event approach by leveraging video.  

    Take the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW), who were one of the first organizations to hold a hybrid event. Last year, they pulled together a virtual conference in just eight days and doubled registration from the year prior. How? With the support of Mediasite Events.  

    PDPW continues to create and leverage content to reach their members.  Since their first virtual conference in April 2020, PDPW has streamed over 120 virtual meetings to dairy farmers to keep them informed of current market trends and best agriculture practices during the pandemic.  

    Shelly Mayer, executive director of PDPW, along with her teammates is leveraging Mediasite to:  

    • Keep their audience informed and connected with quality content  
    • Close the generational gap between audience members and technology  
    • Develop and share content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by members 

    Read the PDPW case study to learn more. 

    Western University of Health Sciences 

    Similar to other schools, some courses at Western University of Health Sciences can be conducted remotely, however much of their medical curriculum is hands-on. Over the past year, the university has mastered the art of hybrid learning: synchronous teaching to multiple classrooms combined with supplemental on-demand lectures available to all students regardless of location.  

    Here is what Amber Schaefer and other tech administrators at Western University of Health Sciences learned about during the pandemic, with the help of Mediasite:  

    • Repurpose your own content to save time  
    • Find creative ways to deliver content in a hybrid curriculum 
    • Leverage Mediasite integrations to make sure all content is used in a robust online content portal 
    • Give students a chance to review lessons on-demand  
    • Take advantage of the Mediasite + Zoom integration to ensure all content is available in one robust online portal 

    Amber is a true pioneer of video strategy and understands the value video brings to new learning environments. Read this Western University of Health Sciences case study to learn more. 

    Distance Learning and Technology Conference (DT&L) 

    Organizations of all sizes are creating virtual and hybrid event experiences – some have been offering online components for years, while others are getting a crash course in their first virtual conference. For the past decade, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies has offered a small online option at their annual event called Distance Teaching and Learning. In the face of COVID-19, like others, they transformed this event into a fully virtual conference that drastically increased their normal, in-person attendance and cut costs..  

    Learn how Wendy Fritz, Director, Learning Design, Development & Innovation, UW-Madison of Continuing Studies utilized Mediasite Events to 

    • Cut costs in half while using video to double the amount of attendees 
    • Utilize a white glove event service to add ease and efficiency to the transition of the event 
    • Build a customizable event website that leads to a greater ROI 

    Read this DT&L case study to find out more about how Wendy and her team executed a new plan and what the results were.  

    Northeastern Ohio Medical School (NEOMED) 

    Medical school is complex enough for students without adding the sudden transition to virtual learning during a worldwide pandemic. An Ohio school led the way among its peers and found the perfect formula for a flipped hybrid year: a rotating schedule for on-site and online students coupled with an essential mix of streaming video and collaborative conference technologies.  

    Michael Wright, Director, Academic Technology at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) learned how to 

    • Offer a mix of socially-distanced and online courses  
    • Leverage video technologies to deliver effective flipped instruction to students  
    • Fully integrate its gross anatomy lab with tech to capture simulations and share live streams with students – whether they’re watching in-person or at home  
    • Embrace streaming video to keep students connected and engaged in campus events like Match Day and graduations 

    Read the NEOMED case study. 

    Want to hear more about each of these stand-out stories? Register for our Mediasite Masterclass aka MSX21 On-Demand today to hear from these customers and more! 


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