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Global Design Company Selects Mediasite to Train 27,000+ Dispersed Employees

July 14, 2016


As video becomes more and more prevalent, often replacing the written document for communicating, corporations are increasingly looking for tools to easily and efficiently connect with their employees.

Take Arcadis, a global design and consultancy company headquartered in the Netherlands. With more than 350 offices and 27,000 staff in 40+ countries, the company needed a solution to effectively communicate the latest best practices in Asset Management.


In February 2016, Arcadis began using Mediasite by Sonic Foundry to create short training modules for staff on topics such as risk assessment, standards and how to detect defects in civil structures.

Using the Mediasite Editor, Arcadis cut its videos into short 10-15 minute easily digestible presentations, and staff are able to watch them anytime, anywhere on-demand.

“We use Mediasite to transfer knowledge to all employees working on an Asset Management project so they all have the same information. It is easy to record videos with Mediasite and easy for the viewers to watch them,” said Paul Copier, senior advisor at Arcadis.


Arcadis received positive feedback from the initial training videos, and plans are underway to expand video training to more employee groups and customers.

“We received a great response from the staff and company. Our staff in other countries liked having the Mediasite videos to learn,” Copier said. “Mediasite is more than video. It’s rich content with video, as well as supporting slides in the same player window. Viewers can access related documents, ask questions and take polls, all within the player to learn the basic theory which contribute to a more effective real time project startup.”

Learn more about Arcadis here.

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