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How to Use Personal Video Capture to Drive Micro-Learning

August 21, 2019

When you think about recording a video, you might think of a high-tech room or studio with cameras and AV equipment. The process is probably managed by an AV or Mediasite administrator. This is a common way that video is created and makes up for a majority of the video content hours being produced with Mediasite. However, the trend of micro learning shifts video creation and ownership towards teachers and trainers.

A common misconception of micro learning is that you can simply take a one-hour lecture or training and split it up into 10- or 15-minute chunks for learners to watch. However, that full one-hour presentation still has massive value. Instead micro learning focuses on a short video that fulfills a single learning objective and supplements what happens in the classroom or training room. Learners get the information they need in a moment of need. This growing trend of micro learning brings with it a trend of personal capture.

One benefit of personal capture is that it doesn’t require all the complex equipment often found in studios or classrooms. All you need is your cell phone or laptop. Simply start recording with your mobile device. Once you are finished, you can upload the video directly to My Mediasite, an ideal tool to create engaging micro-learning. It has the tools to edit, add engagement and share your video.

Using a mobile device might be ideal in a lot of settings but if you need to record something on your screen for a presentation you might need to be on a desktop or laptop computer. When you do need to record your screen, there are built-in options right on your computer that you can utilize whether you are on Mac or Windows PC.

On a Mac the built-in screen recorder is accessed with Shift+Command+5. Mac’s screen recorder allows you to record either your full screen or a select section so you can record a window and keep your notes on the screen. You can also use this to grab screen shots.

Windows built-in screen recorder is the Xbox Game Bar. To access it use the Windows key+G and you can capture your full screen.

Once you have your recording, it can be uploaded to Mediasite and shared with your learners. The capture capabilities on your Mac or Windows systems will be enhanced even more with upcoming Mediasite features.

Learn all about how to create a new video with Mediasite, as well as third-party tools in this MediasiteU course.

When creating a video for micro-learning it doesn’t matter what personal capture tool you are using. The key factors include having a single learning objective and making the content consumable in a short amount time.

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