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Great-Looking Videos of Your Desktop Recordings Are Just One Click Away – Meet the New Mediasite Mosaic App

November 11, 2020

Have you tried the new and improved Mediasite Mosaic app 

What are you waiting for?  

Mediasite Mosaic is the award-winning one-click video capture tool that lets you easily create content (think lessons, video communications, assignments, trainings and more) from anywhere, publish it into Mediasite and share it securely with your viewers.  

It’s the modern replacement for Mediasite Desktop Recorder, the personal capture tool you might be using right now.  

As an added bonus, Mosaic lets you manage all the recordings from conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams that, let’s face it, are constantly ending up on your desktop never to be used again. A ‘watch folder’ feature automatically monitors for recordings and uploads them into Mediasite where they’re a lot more useful to you and your viewers. But we’ll get into all that a little later.  

We sat down with Bill Cherne, our VP of Customer Success & Support, to get acquainted with the latest video capture tool for this digital first world.  

Q: What is the difference between My Mediasite, Mediasite Desktop Recorder and Mediasite Mosaic?  

woman on phone and my mediasite cell phone displayA: It’s actually very simple.  

Mosaic is replacing Mediasite Desktop Recorder, the (now legacy) personal capture tool.  

You use Mosaic in tandem with My Mediasite, the central destination for all your video content.  

Q: When is it available?  

A: The app works on macOS and is available in the Mac App Store, as well as the Windows version in the Microsoft Store If your organization doesn’t allow access to the Microsoft Store, contact your Mediasite administrator.  

Get the step-by-step instructions for downloading Mosaic for both Mac and Windows in this MediasiteU course. 

Q: If I’m currently using Mediasite Desktop Recorder, do I get Mosaic automatically?  

A: Yes, here’s what you need to do, depending on what operating system you use: 

If you’re using macOS Catalina, you need to download and install Mosaic from this link. 

If you’re using macOS 10.14 or older, you can continue using Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Mosaic will not run on versions of macOS prior to Catalina. 

If you are a Windows 10 user, you can download and install Mosaic from the Windows Store. Simply follow this link.

Windows users can continue using Mediasite Desktop Recorder and can test out Mosaic at the same time. 

Q: What types of recordings can Mosaic create?  

A: With Mosaic, you can: 

  • Record your display, camera and microphone simultaneously to create a multi-track video presentation to upload to Mediasite 
  • Record online or offline and upload anytime 
  • Record video and audio from built-in or USB cameras, microphones and other Bluetooth devices 
  • Record external USB devices like document cameras 

Q: Besides recording, what else can Mediasite Mosaic do? 

A: Mosaic also lets you ensure video quality before, during and after a recording. You can: 

  • Preview video at all stages of the process 
  • Monitor audio levels 
  • Automatically import videos on your hard drive created from other sources 
  • Take advantage of light and dark modes on macOS or Windows so it jives with your current preferences 
  • Display the macOS version in light or dark mode so it jives with your current OS preferences 

Q: Can I edit the videos?  

A: Yes. You create the video with Mosaic, which uploads it into Mediasite where you can edit your content. You can trim, cut and fade with the built-in video editor. You can add captions, chapters, watermarks, quizzes and even collaborate with other Mediasite users. 

Q: Can I add closed captions and other accessibility tools to my Mosaic videos?  

A: Yes. Your Mosaic videos will have the full functionality of Mediasite to make them accessible to all your viewers — closed captioning and transcription capabilities are built into Mediasite so it’s easy to send your video to your favorite captioning provider, or, type up your own captions for those shorter videos. 

Q: What is the unsung super power of Mosaic in your opinion? 

A: Its watch folder, hands down. The ability to not only create videos but also manage content from other systems is the biggest differentiator for Mosaic. You can actually manage all the recordings from conferencing systems like Zoom, too. We’re all communicating and learning from a distance right now, and technology like Mediasite, Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc. has never been more essential. Mosaic watches for new content on your desktop or device, and you have the option to automatically upload meeting recordings, corporate communications, trainings and class discussions created with other tools directly into Mediasite. That way, all your video content is in one secure, highly searchable place for students and employees to reference anytime.  

Q: Is Mediasite Desktop Recorder being phased out? 

A: Yes. As Mosaic gains wider adoption over the remainder of 2020 and early into 2021, we will be phasing out Mediasite Desktop Recorder by mid 2021. 

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