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    Get to Know Mediasite Customer Success Team: Meet Bill Cherne – Car-loving, Entrepreneurial Father of Two

    March 04, 2019

    The Mediasite team is dedicated to providing you support whenever and wherever you need it. We’re talking from the initial stages of deployment to the day-to-day needs when you’re up and running.  

    But providing tech support effectively doesn’t happen automatically. It’s an acquired skill. Fortunately, the team you have to rely on just happens to excel at it.  

    Our Customer Success team helps you define your goals, determine system requirements and establish just what a video solution at your organization could look like. You definitely want them on your side.  

    Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of those people, Bill Cherne, our VP of Customer Support & Success who’s been with the company for 12 years.   

    Bill uses his experience in IT and analytics as well as his knack for all things technical to discover ways to leverage technology to solve business problems and improve people’s lives. He teaches others about Mediasite and how they can incorporate it into their classroom to help students succeed in their courses.  

    We sat down with Bill to get the scoop about things like what he loves most about his job, what brought him to the role and where you can find him in his free time (hint: he really likes Jimmy Johns).  

    Q: What brought you to Sonic Foundry? 
    A: I actually worked for Sonic Foundry on the IT team when I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I helped support the local server and workstation environment. I always thought it was the best company around because my co-workers were always really friendly, the customers were always passionate and everyone was always willing to chip and help solve any problems that came up.  

    Fast-forward 12 years ago, and there I was, starting at Sonic Foundry as a young professional – and I’ve never looked back!  

    Q: What is your Mediasite mastery?
    A: I would consider myself pretty experienced at deploying Mediasite on a wide variety of server deployments. I also have a strong emphasis on learning management systems and their integrations with Mediasite, as well as product training. 

    Q: Why are you passionate about Mediasite?
    A: I believe Mediasite is the best tool to help people communicate, collaborate and ultimately succeed. I’m passionate about how Mediasite truly makes a difference in students’ educational experience by making it more engaging and immersive. I wish I had Mediasite in college. I struggled through some of my courses, especially with chemistry and accounting. If I had a tool where I could re-watch lectures, that would have been a game-changer.  When our EVP Rob Lipps explained that to me during my interview in a hotel conference room in Chicago, I was sold! 

    Q: Why do you love your job?
    A: Our company is full of great people who always want to do the right thing and help our customers.  In my 12 years at Sonic Foundry, I don’t think I’ve ever had a teammate say: “That’s not my job.”  In my past roles at other companies, that type of thing came up several times a week. I wholeheartedly believe that you will never meet a more dedicated and caring team than the one we have here.  

    Q: What is a fun fact about you? 
    A: I own and operate an interior design company ( with my wife, Katy, in my spare time – all that in between raising my twin 6-year-old children and trying to be a good husband and father.  Some people like to watch sports for fun — I love running businesses and designing kitchens in my spare time.  I chalk it up to the hours of This Old House that I would watch on Saturday mornings when I was 10. 😃 

    Q: What are you currently reading?
    A: Email…lots of email.  Outside of that and children’s books with my kids, I’m reading ‘The Girl With All The Gifts.’  It’s a “light” story about zombies taking over the world.  

    Q: What is the last movie you watched?
    A: LEGO Movie – I personally love it, and I love that my kids love it. It’s deep on so many levels and funny at the same time. 

    Q: What are you currently streaming?
    A: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. My favorite episode is the one with Will Ferrell featuring the 1970 Plymouth Superbird.  I love how much passion Jerry Seinfeld takes in finding the perfect car for every one of his guests. It shows how deep comedians really are. They take a lot of time to examine life. 

    Q: What is your favorite quote?
    A: “Somedays you’re the pigeon. Somedays you’re the statue.” – Jimmy Johns Sub Shop. This quote makes me laugh every time and reminds me to keep life in perspective as I eat my BBQ Jimmy Chips and California Club sandwich. 

    I also like: “It’s not really a problem if it can be solved with money.” – Uncle Don. This makes me realize that our health is the most important thing and not to stress about the small things in life. 

    Q: What is your favorite trip and why? 
    A: It’s a tie between checking out the awesome architecture of Los Angeles, mountain biking in the mountains of Colorado or off-roading in the beautiful mountains of Sedona, Ariz. with my wife Katy. It was the trip where I discovered that I really love doing anything with a motor attached (e.g. ATV, jet ski, car, dune buggy, helicopter) on my vacations. 

    Q: When you’re not busy at work, where can we find you?
    A: At home with my wife and kids or out for a run or bike ride

    Watch one of Bill’s webinars recent webinars here.

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