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    Get to Know Mediasite Customer Success Team: Meet Benn Witt – Self-Proclaimed Super Geek, Ironman & Photographer

    March 13, 2019

    Photos taken by Benn Witt

    The Mediasite team is dedicated to providing you support whenever and wherever you need it. We’re talking from the initial stages of deployment to the day-to-day needs when you’re up and running.

    But providing tech support effectively doesn’t happen automatically. It’s an acquired skill. Fortunately, the team you have to rely on just happens to excel at it.  

    Our Customer Success team helps you define your goals, determine system requirements and establish just what a video solution at your organization could look like. You definitely want them on your side.  

    Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of those people – Benn Witt, Technical Project Manager, who’s been with the company for nearly 11 years.   

    Benn brings more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry. He also has more than 10 years of experience in consulting services, such as designing, implementing and supporting everything IT.  

    He uses this background in technology and consulting services to help customers bridge the gap between our Mediasite producers and content creators and their IT departments.   

    We sat down with Benn to get the scoop about things like why he’s passionate about Mediasite, what his Mediasite mastery is and what he does in his free time [hint: he is an Ironman, world traveler and once started his own local internet service].  

    Q: How long have you been with Sonic Foundry? 

    A: 10 years. I was the IT guy here for seven years and now I use my IT background to help customers bridge the gap between Mediasite producers and content creators and their IT departments. 

    Q: What unique experience do you bring to your role?

    A: I have 25+ years of experience in the technology industry. 

    My first real technology job I worked was in product support services for Lotus and then Microsoft. I supported DOS, Win31 and Win95. This was back in the day before Google … there wasn’t even Alta Vista. 

    Then, I worked 10+ years in consulting services where I designed, implemented and supported everything from AS/400 to Windows servers (hardware, infrastructure, networking, storage, applications and IT operations). 

    I have certifications in old and new technologies such as Novell, Microsoft, IBM, Lotus, Check Point, RSA and Cisco.  

    Q: What is your Mediasite mastery?  

    A: I specialize in advanced server performance, network troubleshooting and load testing (putting demand on a system and understanding and interpreting the response).  

    Q: Why are you passionate about Mediasite? 

    A: I believe there is a Mediasite presenter in everyone. They’re just waiting to be captured and streamed through our beloved Mediasite platform.  

    Q: What is a fun fact about you?  

    A: Once upon a time as a hobby I ran a computer bulletin board system (BBS), essentially a server that allows you to connect and exchange messages with other users through public message boards and play multi user games. My BBS, TheJadeCat, had 24 lines and grew to become a local internet service provider with multiple T1s to my house. I’m a super geek, I know.

    I am also able to identify, press and release the shutter button on most cameras and modern phones. I used to shoot portraits and weddings, but now just shoot for fun. 

    On an unrelated note, having an excessive exercise habit has driven me to do Ironman triathlons every year.  

    Q: What are you currently reading? 

    A: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

    Q: What is the last movie you watched? 

    A: The Favourite 

    Q: What are you currently streaming? 

    A: Explained – Netflix… binge complete.  

    Q: Favorite trip and why? 

    A: Living in Japan for 3 months.  

    The work/life culture and the surf is unbelievable. Working in Japan opened my eyes to how working as a team is truly important, rewarding and full of good moments. I also enjoyed the reactions I would get for being so outgoing and extreme.


    The surf culture in Japan is very similar to where I grew up. It had been a childhood dream to surf in Japan, which I now get to do every year. 

    Q: When you’re not busy at work, where can we find you? 

    A: Biking or chilling with Janel, my lovely wife of 28 years and our 3 pugs: Hazel, Moses and Zeus.  

    *I know… 3 dogs? We are empty nesters with our two tax-paying fully-grown children, Calvin and Joseph living in New York and Chicago. 

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