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Get to Know Mediasite Customer Support: Meet Justin Norman – Trainer. DIYer. Outdoorsman.

October 27, 2017

This month, as companies across the country celebrate customer support, we’re highlighting what sets our support team apart and introducing you to some of the smiling faces on the other end of the lines.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Justin Norman, Customer Experience Manager, who’s been with Sonic Foundry for five years.

Q: What do you do at Sonic Foundry?
A: I manage customer training in Mediasite U, including creating training videos about product information and company roadmaps.

Q: What is Mediasite U?
A: Mediasite U is part of our Community. It’s where customer go to find things like training videos, product documentation, etc. It’s a way for people to not only interact with the product but reach out to others who are using the product to find new ways to implement Mediasite and new ways that they can make Mediasite grow within their organizations.

We’ve recently updated a glossary of Mediasite terms which we found was something people really wanted and needed. We defined all the different parts of Mediasite and gave definition around how we’re using certain video terms. Anyone who’s not necessarily familiar with the video industry but is using Mediasite – since it’s easy to use and making video accessible – can find some background information.

Q: How often do you provide new training?
A: We provide weekly trainings. On Friday’s at 10 am Central, I do a Mediasite U live webcast, taking viewers through different parts of the product. I aim to inspire customers to use Mediasite in new and exciting ways.

Wehiking 2’ve been getting a really good response to the Mediasite U live videos. People who can’t watch during the live broadcast are watching on-demand, and they are reaching out with a lot of questions. I’ve noticed that it’s sparked quite a bit of discussion within the community, which is fantastic. My goal is to make sure people are engaged with the product and interested in learning new things about Mediasite all the time.

Q: What makes Mediasite U unique?
A: Mediasite U uses, obviously, the Mediasite platform to create, stream and host all of these training videos. I think that’s a really neat thing we get to do – use all the new features of Mediasite in order to reach a new audience. While you’re learning about the new features in my training video, you’re also learning how they work, because you’re using them in real time. I think this is a really unique way to be able to reach out to people.

Q: What’s the best support we provide?
A: Obviously there are quite a few people across the company who are available to customers in the community to answer their questions and facilitate discussions. The interesting things happen when Sonic Foundry employees and who I call the power users, who are using the product in new and innovative ways, come together to collaborate. I’ve seen countless people walk away from the community with an enriched experience.

Q: When you’re not working, where can we find you?
A: Right now you’re going to find me in my house tearing down wallpaper and repainting. I also like hiking and backpacking. I did a backpacking trip recently to the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan, taking a little time in the fall when the colors are changing and getting outside to enjoy nature.

Q: What are you currently watching?
A: I just started a show called Nathan for You. It’s a very interesting and irreverent take on reality television.

Q: What are you currently reading?
A: On the Trails. It’s about hiking and backpacking.

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: Interstellar

Q: What’s a little known fact about you?
A: I eat the same thing for lunch every day. It’s a tuna sandwich. I just really like it, so I stick with it.

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