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How GE Healthcare Offers Cost-Effective Physician Training with Mediasite

October 09, 2017
(Photo credit: GE Healthcare)

This is part of a continuing series about how online video has significantly impacted organizational training and services at five U.S. healthcare organizations.

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This is GE Healthcare’s story. 


GEThe healthcare industry is in a rapid state of change globally – there’s the never-ending rollout of new pharmaceutical programs, heated political debate about healthcare reform and the trend towards digitization of patient records, to name a few things.

That makes it more important than ever for healthcare professionals to keep current on all the new research and regulations, but their hectic schedules often make it difficult to attend in-person classes.

So organizations, like GE Healthcare, are finding new cost-effective and efficient ways for professionals to communicate with each other.

GE Healthcare’s Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS) uses 3D ultrasound technology that has been shown to improve breast cancer detection by 55 percent over mammography along. When it first hit the market, the GE Healthcare Education department had a big challenge: getting physicians up-to-speed from scratch to deliver clinical care on equipment they did not know.


GE Healthcare Education began using streaming video via Mediasite for physician training on its breast imaging products.

GE Healthcare Education uses Mediasite to provide a blended learning program – peer-to-peer live virtual training combined with on-demand self-study for both ABUS and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis. Plus, a custom learning management system integrates with Mediasite, allowing each hospital’s Quality Manager to track physician progress and certificates of completion.

“When I turned to Mediasite to help us get our program up and running, they did it in two-weeks and we trained our customers in an unbelievably fast timeframe,” said Renee Godette, Global Education Program Manager, GE Healthcare ABUS. “They helped us create a custom learning management system with which we use their tool to deliver content and measure outcomes. Mediasite gives us the back-end metrics necessary to track in real-time each course attendee. The depth and detail of the analytics that come with Mediasite are robust which is critical to measure quality and achieve cost savings.”


Using dual-stream high-resolution video, GE Healthcare can deliver high quality education with high quality clinical images to physicians who use the product in hospitals around the world. And now they’re also able to time-shift and eliminate travel costs.

GE Healthcare has supported the certification of over 2,100 physicians on its products since 2015.

“From my experience and background, there is always the need for quality education in healthcare,” Godette said. “There is a growing business need for cost reduction, and the need for high-touch customer experiences. We designed and delivered a virtual environment that feels connected and engages our customers. Collaboration needs are going to continue to grow and evolve.”

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