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Faculty, Student Use of Video Soars at Florida International University After Selecting Mediasite

January 17, 2020

fiiuLong-time customer, Florida International University, has completed a major expansion of Mediasite in the colleges of Business, Law, Engineering and Computing and FIU Online.

The university has used Mediasite for video management since 2011. With the expansion,  the university has standardized on Mediasite for video capture, video management and flipped and distance learning. More than 33 classrooms across the south Florida university are equipped with Mediasite to record lectures for students. Instructors can either schedule recordings for automated lecture capture or walk into a classroom and start recording with the simple push of a button.

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Video use among faculty and students has soared since the expansion. Faculty have already created nearly 1,900 videos that have been viewed more than 40,800 times to date in its learning management system.

“Mediasite allows students to focus more in class. They don’t need to worry about taking copious notes. They’re coming to the lecture halls, and online students are watching lectures in real-time. They can focus on the lecture and look back at the recording at home to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Mediasite supplements what happens during class,” said Stephen Bromfield, Assistant Director of Media Systems, Media Technology Services at FIU.

Driving flipped learning with personal capture
In addition, all faculty and students have access to My Mediasite, personal capture software that is driving the use of flipped instruction. My Mediasite allows them to create, edit and share videos, screencasts and slideshows from any computer or smartphone.

Faculty are recording short video lectures that students watch prior to class, making room for more interactions and discussions during class time. Students are recording video assignments and presentations.

Showcasing all campus videos
FIU uses Mediasite Showcase to create its own YouTube-esque environment called The Playlist where it can share certain videos from campus events with the public. Completely customized to fit with FIU’s brand and website, houses videos from faculty and students that have either been captured with Mediasite or imported in from other devices.

“Mediasite is a very feature-rich technology,” said Matt Hagood, Director of Media Technology Services at FIU. “We love that Mediasite can capture dual video, and its customizable viewing experience allows viewers to rearrange the player, make videos larger or smaller and even speed them up or slow them down. Mediasite’s integration with learning management systems was essential, and the fact that we can actually get interaction with the students from Mediasite through chat, polling and quizzing features was a big selling point.”

“Florida International University has already created an impressive amount of video in the first few months after its major Mediasite expansion, and it is exciting to see faculty and students embrace video in the classroom to supplement their teaching and learning. Sonic Foundry is proud to be FIU’s trusted video partner,” said Gary Weis, Sonic Foundry CEO.

This blog originally published December 2017 and was updated on Jan. 17, 2020. 

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