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The Show Can Go On Even with Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

March 13, 2020

Travel bans, quarantines and countries on lock-down amid the coronavirus outbreak mean it’s difficult for organizations to maintain business operations and for planned meetings and events to take place in person. When travel is affected, meetings and events inevitably are, too.  

Maybe you’re experiencing a decrease in attendance or you’re searching for alternative methods for attendees to see and participate in your events that you’ve spent months planning. Mediasite Events is helping deliver online events by streaming and recording conference video and is your definitive resource for continuity planning. In the video above, Mediasite Events’ Scott Davis tells you how you can minimize the impact of your event. You can watch his full webinar here

As potential attendance decreases loom, other organizations already working with Mediasite Events are looking ahead and expanding their existing online event plans to meet the needs of an increased demand for virtual collaboration.

For example, a software data management company turned to Mediasite Events last week because it is expecting a 30 percent decrease in attendance at its conference in Las Vegas this week. Our team will capture the three-day event and deliver the video to an online global audience.

A medical society that generally records half of its conference content for on-demand viewing, has increased its conference video capture to include all sessions. This will accommodate those who paid to attend, but because of travel restrictions are unable to participate in person.

A similar situation, Mediasite Events recently streamed an annual sales meeting to 600+ viewers in the wake of the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico that left the conference venue unavailable. The client quickly found a new venue in South Carolina and turned to Mediasite Events to live stream video of the meeting.  Employees all over the country, including those stranded in airports, those with home offices, and those at its headquarters watched and participate in the live event. Mediasite incorporated chat and the ability to submit questions allowing remote attendees to feel more engaged with the conference. [Learn more about this event in our blog post here.]

Even tradeshows further away from the center of the outbreak are being affected, as companies choose to pull their participation for safety concerns. Sony announced it will not be attending the Mobile World Congress tech conference in Barcelona, one of the world’s most important mobile tech shows. Others like LG and ZTE also pulled out of the meeting. [Read: The Verge: Coronavirus threatens to throw world’s biggest phone show into chaos]

Streaming video is an amazing resource that allows you to deliver content around the globe during scary times like this. [Also read: Organizations Fortify Coronavirus Contingency Plans with Mediasite] Our thoughts are with all those affected by the outbreak and are happy Mediasite can help the show to go on and encourage virtual collaboration until it is safe to travel again.

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