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    5 Ways to Uplevel Learning On Your Campus Through Video, Beyond Lecture Capture

    June 15, 2022

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had a fully integrated and scalable system for creating, publishing, searching, and managing all of the video created within the “walls” of your higher education institution?  

    What if you could automatically preserve the valuable lectures, expertise, training, and other events that happen every day on campus and share them with anyone you want, anywhere in the world? 

    That’s exactly what a top-quality video creation and management platform like Mediasite does.  

    The best video platforms offer more than video lecture capture. When used to the fullest capacity, platforms like Mediasite operate like dynamic hubs for all of your campus video content. It lets you focus on the big picture — engaging students, supporting faculty and staff, creating new types of content that truly personalize the learning experience, and ultimately, transforming education.  

    Check out the following five ways you can use a video creation and management platform like Mediasite to take your campus video content to the next level: 

    #1: Create more engaging learning experiences 

    The data is clear: students learn better when video is involved. A survey from the University of Maryland, Baltimore Dental School showed that 97% of their students felt video made it easier for them to learn — and 98% said they watch all their lectures online.

    The availability of accessible, high-quality video is the most essential ingredient of creating engaging content for students, but a close second is the ability to embed interactive features that further personalize experiences. These examples include: 

    • Embedding quizzes in educational videos to check for understanding 
    • Adding bookmarks, links, comments, and discussions in a specific part of the video for additional context and insight 
    • Using polls to gauge students’ interest in key topics or subtopics 
    • Offering students the ability to comment on videos and create playlists 
    • Creating post-video surveys to understand student reactions and whether the video was effective in teaching them what they needed to learn 

    #2: Transform distance learning 

    The pandemic taught us a great deal about remote learning and teaching, and one of the biggest lessons we learned is that your school’s reach is no longer limited by geography. Distance learning is a powerful opportunity for your institution to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pursue higher education, or whose circumstances take them off campus. 

    Mediasite can automatically record, stream, and manage everything said or shown in class so students can review classes they’ve missed — making it an ideal tool to have in your toolkit if your institution is considering how to break into a new student market, how to reach more non-traditional students, or how to more effectively serve rural populations where a physical college or university location might be many hours away. 

    #3: Integrate your video platform with your LMS 

    A video management platform is only as effective as its ability to integrate with the tools your institution already knows and uses. Mediasite not only works with Zoom and many of the other well-known video conferencing tools, it also integrates perfectly with major learning management (LMS) systems like Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace.  

    Mediasite makes it easy for students to access video content within your LMS, or for educators to publish videos and index them to corresponding courses. “Integration with our LMS was essential,” says Matt Hagood, Director of Media Technology Services for Florida International University. “The fact that we can actually get interaction with the students from Mediasite through chat, polling, and quizzing features was a big selling point.” With Mediasite, you will be able to access and manage all of your video content through one central portal.  

    #4: Increase accessibility for all students 

    High-quality video helps to ensure that learning is available and barrier-free to all. Mediasite can help you meet your campus’s accessibility needs and fulfill regulatory requirements by automatically searching, indexing, and captioning the content you have.  

    Additionally, in-content search functionality makes it easy for students and faculty to find specific content with specific keywords anywhere — audio, slides, handwriting, video, or tags. This made a big difference for Louisiana Tech University, which uses both Zoom and Mediasite to create and manage their video content. “Being able to automatically and easily ingest our Zoom content to Mediasite will let our students access all the educational videos in one common interface…plus, they can search for keywords in the recorded Zoom files, and Mediasite will pinpoint exact parts of the lecture,” says Darrell Eddy, Louisiana Tech’s IT Coordinator and Network Administrator.  

    #5: Leverage video for more than learning 

    As universities and colleges all over the United States continue to grapple with decreasing enrollment numbers due to the pandemic and related factors, a video management platform capable of integrating with non-academic functions like marketing, recruitment, and orientation can bring tremendous value.  

    At California State University Fullerton’s School of Nursing, distance education faculty liaison Marsha Orr realized that the promotion of the school’s part-time bachelor’s degree program had become expensive and time-consuming. She turned to Mediasite to spread information about their programs.  

    Using Mediasite, Orr and her team recorded recruitment videos and distributed them for easy public access. “There were times when somebody would email us and want to know about our program,” she says. “By watching the recruitment video, we could actually provide the same information to them that we would face-to-face.” She also noted that Mediasite has been an effective tool for student advisors, with some conducting live Q&A sessions with their students — sessions that can be streamed or watched later if student schedules don’t match.  

    Want to learn more about how Mediasite can transform how you utilize video in your school or university? Connect with one of our experts for a 30-minute live demo.

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