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5 Tips for Developing the Next, Best Virtual Lecture

May 28, 2020

Let’s face it, as an instructor, you have probably run into some difficulty moving your classes and lectures to an entirely online format quickly. There are a lot of areas that need to be considered like lectures, discussions, assignments, office hours, group work and tests. Hopefully by this time you’ve had a chance to work out some of the initial kinks in your online courses and gotten past the phase of replacing your lecture solely with Zoom meetings (If you’re still in that phase, here is an article that might get you past it). 

Since you have already realized when and where to use on-demand video and video conference calls for your class, let’s focus on how to take your video use to the next level with a few best practices. When you implement the ideas shared in this e-book into your videos it will help set your students up for greater levels of success by getting them engaged in and learning the material. 

Learn the key dos and one very important don’t when it comes to creating video lectures. You’ll get everything from length, timing, and tone tips to create the best virtual learning experience possible 

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