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4 Risky Scenarios You Can Avoid by Moving to the Cloud

July 25, 2023


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The Mediasite team understands that moving your content library to the cloud is a big decision. And it almost always raises a lot of important questions: How much of my time will the migration take? Will my users need to adjust their workflow? What about security?

These are important questions, but the good news is that the answers are almost always reassuring. When you work with a Mediasite team, migrating to the cloud is a simple, painless process – and the benefits are manifold.

By embracing the cloud, you can enhance the scalability of your network, free yourself from the headaches of server management, and enjoy the same robust security features and user-friendly workflow as your on-premises setup. But perhaps even more importantly, it can help you proactively avoid a number of annoying and/or potentially disastrous risks.

Consider the following real-life scenarios that you can cross off your worry list when you migrate to the cloud:


1. Underpowered Servers

For viewers, there’s nothing more annoying than getting kicked off a livestream in the middle of a presentation. So don’t risk the integrity of your livestream by relying on on-premises servers. Mediasite Cloud harnesses the power of a global content delivery network (CDN) to ensure a seamless, high-quality viewing experience for your live audience. We can even temporarily boost your viewership capacity for special events with minimal costs to you!

2. Loss of Data

Even with robust content retention policies and backups in place, catastrophic events like natural disasters can inflict irreparable damage to your servers. Mediasite Cloud stands strong with backup data centers and comprehensive disaster recovery plans, offering you peace of mind – even for the worst of the worst-case scenarios.

3. Bugs Related to Missed Updates

Our data reveals an unmistakable trend: Only about 4% of bugs reported by on-prem customers in the past year were attributed to issues with Mediasite itself. The remaining 95% were either linked to server complications or had already been identified and resolved in subsequent versions of Mediasite that the customer had yet to install. When you move to the cloud, updates to new versions are automatic – and your users will have access to brand-new features faster.

4. Having to Move to the Cloud on an Emergency Basis

Moving to the cloud becomes a breeze when you have a well-planned strategy in place, allowing for a scheduled migration at an opportune time. However, when on-prem servers fail, an emergency cloud migration can quickly turn complex and stressful. Be prepared by embracing the cloud before any of the above problems occur.

The bottom line is crystal clear: Embracing the cloud eliminates most of the common issues that customers encounter in their experience with Mediasite – or any video management platform for that matter. It removes the risk of permanent data loss, reinforces the scalability of your network, and eliminates over 95% of bugs.

To proactively address these potential challenges before they occur, why not take the first step today? Schedule a consultation and discover how our experienced team can orchestrate a seamless and hassle-free transition to a cloud-based video framework.

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