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Redefining and Supporting Learning Environments in a COVID World- What You Need to Know

Redefining and Supporting Learning Environments in a COVID World- What You Need to Know

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The million dollar question is ‘What will the next semester, the next year and beyond, look like on your campus?’ Do you have an answer yet? The physical classroom is on the fringe with learning happening in all sorts of places, and the center of your school has shifted to online learning and wireless access. Is your network ready for the next surge of online learning?  

Having the right mix of technology in place will give your students the quality learning experience they deserve, regardless of their location. Helping faculty choose the right technologies and supporting their needs ensures an effective teaching and learning experience and having an effective support staff completes the formula for success. Asynchronous video lectures + synchronous collaborative calls integrated into your LMS sets instructors up to provide an enhanced and personalized learning experience. In this webinar, we will reflect on learning with technology pre-COVID, where we are today, and how we can strategize and position ourselves for the future. What have we collectively learned and how can we address future unknowns? 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to tackle the uncertainties of COVID-influenced semesters 
  • How to energize your faculty to adopt effective more technology 
  • Why it’s critical to engage your IT staff every step of the way and ensure technology professionals have seat at the budget table 
  • The role of the physical and virtual classroom in this new world  

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