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Mediasite Roadmap: Tools for a Digital-First Reality

Mediasite Roadmap: Tools for a Digital-First Reality

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What will the next year look like for you and your team? There are still many questions about what the future holds for schools and businesses in this new COVID world, but one thing is for sure – communicating with video has never been more important. Are you confident in your digital strategy for the next year and beyond 

Mediasite’s latest release offers the most powerful video tools to help you be a leader in this digital-first world. Join us for a roadmap webcast to learn how you can provide the most engaging, data-rich and personalized experiences as you and your team collaborate from a distance. You’ll learn: 

  • How the latest Mediasite tools will help you be most successful in the months and year ahead 
  • Stories from the frontlines about schools and organizations that pivoted most successfully 
  • What the world will look like after the pandemic (Hint: it’s blended) 
  • What’s down the road for Mediasite  

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