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5 Ways to Enhance Teaching in a Video-centric COVID Classroom

5 Ways to Enhance Teaching in a Video-centric COVID Classroom

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The Fall 2020 semester is upon us, and it’s already one for the history books. Whether your school has gone completely virtual or delivering a hybrid model with face-to-face and online, it’s an experience your instructors and students won’t soon forget. Are you prepared to make it a positive one?  

What you do now to encourage tech adoption will set the stage for the entire year. The most successful schools have the right mix of technology – including streaming and web conferencing for the different aspects of hybrid and distance learning. Help instructors leverage these technologies to their full potential, and they might be surprised to see how engaging and personalized learning can be online Or dare we say, even better than before in some ways? 

 In this webinar, Mediasite’s Michael Stefonik and Bill Cherne will tell you how to make sure instructors have the tools they need for success in a video-first classroom. You’ll learn about: 

  • Tactical training tips to get wide adoption of your technologies, fast  
  • How to ensure greater student engagement within your online or socially-distanced classrooms  
  • How the latest video capture app, Mediasite Mosaic, is the answer to easily creating video lessons 
  • Why they need to know about a new Mediasite-Zoom integration that makes live collaborative classes even more valuable on-demand

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