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On-Premises to Mediasite Cloud

Moving your on-premises deployment to the Mediasite Cloud allows you to save the time, energy and expense of managing Mediasite on your own servers. Plus, Mediasite Cloud gives you peace of mind, ensuring that your videos are available to your audience anytime, anywhere. When you're ready to move to the cloud, our Mediasite Consultants are here to make the content migration smooth and swift.
  • clock icon Up to 10 hours
  • location pin icon Remote
  • user group icon Existing customers

What to Expect

Migrating terabytes of video content from on-premises instance of Mediasite to Mediasite Cloud can be a complex process as you must coordinate multiple resources and make the move with minor interruptions to your audience and content creators. Our team of Mediasite Consultants will guide you through this process, ensuring a successful migration with limited interruptions during the migration process.

  • Planning calls with a Mediasite Consultant to prepare for your migration to Mediasite Cloud
  • Follow-up meetings to check on the status of your migration project
  • A smooth cutover from your on-premises Mediasite servers to your new Mediasite Cloud site.

*Advanced integrations with Enterprise Directories, Learning Management Systems or other systems may require additional professional service fees.

Kick-off Meeting

Call to discuss the migration process and ensure the project deliverables and timeline meets the needs of your organization.

Prepare for the Migration

You will work with a Mediasite Consultant to begin the process of copying your video content to a secure data location. Once complete, your videos will migrated to your new Mediasite Cloud site.

Go Live

Once the migration of your Mediasite videos is complete, we will work with you to make the final switchover to your Mediasite Cloud site.


Once the migration to Mediasite Cloud is complete, your Mediasite Consultant will ensure a smooth handover of all documentation and responsibility for your new Mediasite Cloud site.

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