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The Power of Mediasite in Tanzania and Uganda

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Longtime Mediasite customer Kinetic Future Solutions (KFS) designs and implements technology-driven, end-to-end solutions for clients in a variety of African markets, including education, finance, health care, energy, and agriculture. In 2019, the Archibishop Mihayo University College of Tabora (AMUCTA) hired KFS to help facilitate the development and production of a government-sponsored Tanzanian Sign Language Dictionary (TSLD) aimed at addressing a critical shortage of resources for communicating with the deaf and hard-of-hearing.  

KFS CEO Gabriel Olowo and his team leveraged Mediasite as the central component of a production process that would capture, edit, and store recordings of over 7,300 signs in just two weeks. After reformatting the recordings in Mediasite’s video management platform, the entire TSLD database was less than 4 GB – ideal for USB or tablet-based storage and distribution.  

Based on the success of the TSLD, Olowo has secured approval for a parallel KFS-led project in Uganda. He is also exploring opportunities to leverage Mediasite in the creation of a Universal Kiswahili Braille dictionary and other initiatives that will help to facilitate accessibility and an equal opportunity environment for special needs populations in Africa. 

The Tanzanian Sign Language Dictionary is publicly available online at: 

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