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Event Streaming

15 Ways your Hybrid & Virtual Events Can Thrive in 2021 & Beyond

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Over the past 12+ months event planners have learned a lot. They’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. They’ve learned about a wide range of technology options available to help them develop and deliver content of various kinds to audiences of all sizes. They’ve learned about the differences between conferencing platforms, webinar tools, and virtual and hybrid event platforms. They’ve learned how to effectively engage people in an online environment. Most importantly? They’ve learned that the future of events is hybrid.

Even after virus worries substantially subside, chances are very good that event planners — and now anyone from marketers to business executives to trainers to college leaders and everyone in between — will still be planning and holding virtual events to some degree. As they do, they will be able to benefit from the lessons they’ve learned during the pandemic. In this e-book, take a look at both the lessons learned and the pitfalls planners have experienced. These insights will help position you to hit the ground running — or to continue the race to conduct successful events now and tomorrow.

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