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We use Mediasite so physicians who can’t make it to a conference can either watch it live or on-demand at home or in their offices.
Toni May, Operations Manager, CME Science


Each year, radiologists are required to earn continuing education credits to keep up with their licenses.

CME Science holds clinical continuing education conferences throughout the year, providing professional development options for those physicians. Typically they are two- to four-day conferences and are led by leading medical professionals in their fields.

It’s difficult for today’s healthcare professionals to keep up to date on all the latest medical research, regulations and advancements, though. Finding time to attend a conference when they have patients to care for is a challenge.


Recognizing this, CME Science began streaming their conferences so that physicians unable to make the trip in-person due to time or budget constraints could attend online. CME Science partners with Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite Events to provide turnkey streaming services.

“We use Mediasite so physicians who can’t make it to a conference can either watch it live or on-demand at home or in their offices,” said Toni May, operations manager, CME Science.

In 2017, CME Science worked with Mediasite Events to live stream these conferences:

  • Atlas & SOM Neurology and Head and Neck Imaging, Las Vegas, Nev.
  • Pediatric Imaging, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Federle’s Master Tutorial on Abdominal Imaging, Las Vegas, Nev.

Afterwards, CME Science turned the captured Mediasite content into on-demand webinars and CME courses. After physicians complete the courses by watching the video, they visit an accreditor’s website to answer questions about the content. They need to earn a certain score to receive credit for the course.


CME Science can provide online components for its conferences, complete with integrated registration, customized video catalogs and assessment, without having to invest in infrastructure – Mediasite Events’ experienced project managers take care of everything.

Plus, CME Science is reaching many more physicians by providing the option to complete CME courses online.

Mediasite Events provides streaming services for hundreds of hybrid and live events of all sizes, like these, every year. The Mediasite Events team creates a secure customized, branded video portal where viewers can create channels, playlists and catalogs.

“Working with Mediasite Events has been great,” Ms. May said. “Everything this year has worked out so smooth for us, so future events will be an absolute breeze.”

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