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What’s New with Mediasite Capture Solutions?

September 04, 2019

It feels like just yesterday that we released our current version of Mediasite, and now we’ve got some more exciting new features and enhancements to our suite of capture devices. Read on for the highlights and learn more in our MediasiteU course: What’s New In Mediasite.

Stream Live to Social:

An update that can take the use and growth of Mediasite to new heights is the ability to live stream Mediasite presentations to popular social sites like Facebook and YouTube. Yes, live streaming externally from Mediasite has been possible for some time with Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). However, social platforms are changing their requirements. We’ve made updates to Mediasite to support RTMPS (Real-Time Messaging Protocol over an SSL/TLS network). Basically, that means there is even more security for your content when you stream to social channels. By including this update, you will continue to be able to share your public facing content through multiple mediums.

Monitor Videos Remotely:

Looking forward, Mediasite Monitor – which helps you manage large deployments simultaneously — is going to play an integral role in the management of recorders and content. In fact, an update to Mediasite Monitor is due out in the next couple of weeks. We’ve made several improvements to how Mediasite Recorders interact with Mediasite Monitor to open the door for more possibility with remote recorder management. More to come on that soon.

Preview Video Effectively:

While Mediasite Monitor is the go-to tool for remote recorder management, the recorder preview is an essential part of managing your presentations. Past updates to the recorder have included support for IP devices and utilizing an image file as a video or content feed. In this update you will notice more improvements that allow you to connect IP cameras and image files and use them as one of the four feeds Mediasite can capture and stream simultaneously. There are also several other updates that enhance your recorder preview.

The majority of the changes that come with this update are minor enhancements that ensure your Mediasite Recorders are running at optimal performance. While not all of these will be immediately noticeable, they will ensure your recorder is running in tip top shape.

To see some of the latest features in action, check out the Mediasite U Course: What’s New in Mediasite. Also, be sure to check out all the details of our back-to-school Mediasite release in this blog post.

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