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What’s New with Mediasite on the University of Florida Campus?

April 14, 2016

With nearly 60 Mediasite Recorders on campus, the University of Florida is one of the most prolific users of Mediasite with an impressive enterprise video deployment.

For the past 12 years, the university has continually thought of new and innovative ways to use Mediasite, and 2015 was no different. Here are the top five ways the university expanded the way it uses Mediasite last year:

  1. One of its largest courses, Introduction to Statistics, uses dual video to capture the instructor solving problems on a laptop. This transition away from slide capture has improved the viewing experience for the 2,000+ students who watch each lecture.
  2. The Department of Physics created a studio centered on what it calls ‘Lightboard.’ It’s a glass chalkboard that allows the instructor to write notes and draw equations while facing the camera, never having to turn their backs on the viewers. Instructors can create stunning high-quality videos that are then uploaded to Mediasite.
  3. The College of Journalism installed Mediasite Recorders in its studio for its student-produced television newscast, WUFT News at 5. It live streams the show to the public and captures a behind-the-scenes look at the newscast. “This provides a teaching tool to review the work being accomplished by a student production staff,” said Brian Smith, video operations supervisor, University of Florida Academic Technology.
  4. The university integrated Mediasite Join into its existing Cisco video conference system to record, store and manage distance learning courses, collaborative meetings and special events that occur over video conferences. “For years, we had been using Cisco’s TelePresence Content server, creating flat recordings, merging video with content. With Join, we can now record two separate video channels providing a higher quality viewing experience,” Smith said.
  5. Viewership of Mediasite content continues to grow year over year. In 2013, 1.3 million presentations were viewed, and in 2014 that doubled to 2.6 million. As of November 2015, there were 3.6 million views on more than 60,000 Mediasite presentations. To support increased viewership, the university recently completed a major infrastructure upgrade.

“Mediasite will continue to be an important part of our institution in the future as demand for online video increases,” Smith said. “Before Mediasite, we attended lectures, and now we engage in the learning experience.”

This is part of a continuing series about our 2016 Enterprise Video Award finalists. The award program recognizes Mediasite users for revolutionizing video in their organizations. Winners will be announced during Unleash 2016, our Mediasite User Conference May 2-4 in Madison, Wis.

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