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What’s New in Mediasite: Automated Software Recording, Enhanced Desktop Capture, A Plug-and-Play Device & Interactivity

November 20, 2017

Our research shows that at minimum, a student watches a Mediasite video every second of every day. Mediasite views are increasing by 89 percent, and video creation is growing by 49 percent year-over-year.

That is an incredible explosion of video happening on campuses all over the world. Students crave and demand engaging video content to learn. And it’s proven to increase student grades and retention.

The latest products and features in Mediasite, which we announced this month at EDUCAUSE 2017 in Philadelphia, Pa., make it easier than ever for institutions to either get started with their video initiatives or scale them to new heights.

Updates to the video platform that support the rapid growth in Mediasite use include:

  • Additions to our broad family of capture solutions
  • More interactivity and engagement features
  • Enhanced desktop capture
  • Streamlined user interface

Flexible and Scalable Software Capture Solutions

The newest Mediasite capture solutions are designed to give users easy and intuitive high-quality academic videos for any department, campus or budget.
my mediasite

  • My Mediasite is our personal capture software that allows faculty and students to record screencasts and video from any device. We’ve improved the user interface of My Mediasite. A lot of time and research went into determining how to make My Mediasite the most user-friendly and useful as possible. The enhanced UI allows for the easy sharing of videos, which can also be embedded on any page. Users can ask and answer questions and create polls and quizzes in My Mediasite, and improved search makes it simple to find videos.
  • Mediasite Catch is our capture software for room-based recordings. It’s great for spaces with limited technology or budget constraints, because it uses existing podium PCs in the classrooms. It supports automated, scheduled and ad-hoc capture while working with the existing hardware and technology inconspicuously in the background. You’re using everything that’s already in your room. Users don’t have to do anything because their presentations are already scheduled to record.
    record now
  • Record Now is our new streamlined interface, a way to control how you are recording within a room. The idea behind it is that users can go into a Mediasite-enabled room and record a presentation with the click of a button. It works with Mediasite Catch and any hardware Mediasite Recorder. Record Now detects the hardware and capture devices that are installed, as well as room configurations. All users need to do is give the presentation a name, set the duration and select from the pre-configured room recording options that pop up, such as ‘desktop only,’ ‘desktop and camera,’ etc. This is great for those unplanned moments when faculty need to record something fast.

Plug-and-Play Lecture Capture

miniThe Mediasite RL Mini is the newest addition to our Recorder family, providing fully automated and schedulable high-quality capture we’re known for in a compact device. It can be mounted anywhere. Instructors simply plug in their laptop and camera and start teaching. The Mini runs from Mediasite Video Platform or Mediasite Video Cloud to support live and on-demand streaming. You get dual full-motion video and local and remote confidence monitoring for audio, video and content quality.

The Mini is perfect for community colleges, vocational-tech schools, small departments and even K12 classrooms with tight budgets.

New Engagement Features Create Immersive Learning Experience

The latest release of Mediasite includes new engagement and interactivity features that will help personalize learning experiences even more.

  • quizEmbed quizzes into Mediasite presentations for students to take on any device and automatically score quizzes and export the results. Viewers watch the presentation like normal, and when quizzes pop up the video pauses and resumes once the quiz is completed.
  • Add comments and discussions to specific spots in videos. These clickable annotations call out certain topics to the viewers who can either watch the presentation normally and have the annotations pop up in the corner or go to a list of annotations to jump to a certain spot.
  • Use polls in live videos to gauge students’ understanding of topics in real time. Viewers are also able to ask questions to the presenter either live or on-demand.
  • showcaseCreate secure, customizable video portals with Mediasite Showcase. Users can create, spotlight and watch content in the Showcase. They can comment on the videos and build playlists to share with colleagues and classmates. Showcase’s rich search and social sharing capabilities promote content discovery.



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