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    What’s New in Mediasite? Improvements to accessibility, updates to channels, enhanced podcast feeds, and much more!

    January 12, 2021

    Streaming video’s incredible value is front and center in this digital-first world as everyone teaches, learns, and communicates online. That means it is critical those meetings and classes are both easily accessible to all intended viewers while also completely secure from unwanted eyeballs. Plus, it goes without saying that video engagement is of the utmost importance as everyone watches from a distance.   

    The latest release of our award-winning Mediasite Video Platform includes a wide range of new features and enhancements to help make managing your video content simple, reliable and flexible. These include: 

    Enhanced Accessibility to Ensure A Quality Viewing Experience for All 

    What good is the power of video learning if everyone can’t take advantage of it? 

    State and federal laws mandate accessibility, but it’s a best practice to go beyond that with online video. Many of the latest Mediasite features focus on improving accessibility, one of our top priorities. 

    We’ve taken the initiative to enhance accessibility within our entire product. Now it’s even easier for a screen reader to access and read content and for users with impaired vision to more easily view content. We are also putting the finishing touches on Mediasite’s Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), which will be available soon. 

    We’ve also added a new integration with Verbit to directly leverage their enhanced API integration. This means that Mediasite now receives a confidence score which allows you to automatically hide the automated captions if the results are less than the preferred confidence score. This latest integration is in addition to the ones we already have with providers like Cielo24, Automatic Sync Technologies (AST), IBM Watson and 3Play Media.  

    Another area we are excited about is in optical character recognition. OCR is a great tool to scan your presentations for text. This allows users to search for a particular keyword and find the exact spot in the presentation where it was displayed. We changed our OCR process to be faster, while maintaining comparable results. This offers a substantial improvement in the number of presentations that can be processed in an hour. 

    Simplified Publishing with Updates to the Way You Manage Videos 

    Other feature releases come thanks to user feedback. With all this momentum in video creation and consumption, we are excited to focus our energy on enhancing the way you manage and share content. You’ll see dramatic changes to Mediasite channels, the most robust way to manage and share your videos, as well as improvements in the management portal.  

    Mediasite channels are places where you can add deep interactivity features to engage with your viewers like annotations, commenting, polling, ask-a-question, quizzing, and social sharing. They support continuous playback of video and automatically aggregate related content. 

    Users can now publish videos directly to a channel, rather than having to manually add it after upload. Additionally, channels set up using folders will now give the option to display folder navigation and content from sub-folders.  

    The player experience has also been improved, to include a more responsive design, and a full screen mode. This allows users to focus in on what matters: video content. 

    Podcasts Are Even Easier 

    The latest release of Mediasite includes a simplified process for creating a podcast feed from your videos. With category management and standardized metadata, it’s easier to implement and manage your podcast feeds. Your feeds will conform to the most popular platforms, which will help your podcasts be found.  

    Enhancing Your Video Security 

    Making sure your users and your data are safe is another top priority. That’s why we’ve improved security even more in Mediasite. Tracking who has access to content and when something has been accessed is even easier now.  

    Mediasite lets you manually control live streams, and media reset notifications help safeguard against unintended live disruptions during your crucial events.  Live video has become a huge part of every organization’s workflow, which is why improvements and stability in live video are crucial focuses of this latest release. 

    There were more than 100 updates in the latest release of Mediasite. You can learn more about all of them in this MediasiteU training.

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