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What I Learned at BizBash Live New York 2017

November 09, 2017

Recently, hundreds of event professionals – myself included – gathered in New York City for BizBash Live New York 2017. BizBash Live is a one-day conference where the events world can come together to collaborate, attend education sessions and learn about the latest innovations in event management. It was truly an overload of all the senses!

There was a mentalist, nail art, live music and people dressed like a snow globe and a zoltar (remember those fortune telling machines?). He told me that video in events will explode in 2018, by the way! I could even get a cookie with my selfie on it!

I attended BizBash Live with the Mediasite Events crew, showcasing the importance and ease of integrating video in events and meetings.

Here are my key takeaways from the conference.

  1. Despite the growth of social media and online experiences, people still crave interaction. We still crave experiences as a community. That’s where the importance of engagement and interactivity features comes in – whether people are attending an event online or watching a live webinar, it’s important to have the ability to connect those people in real-time with ask-a-question features, chats and videos.
  2. The event and meeting space is GROWING. It’s not just about weddings and conferences anymore. From webinars to sales kick off meetings, the industry is booming. And with a more global workforce, budget constrictions and the demand for greater flexibility, the need for streaming to connect people from all over the world has never been greater.
  3. Video gives your event a competitive edge. For all the reasons listed above, the demand for connection despite time zones and geography is increasing in our ever-connected world.

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