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Wainhouse Research: Mediasite Join “Disruptive Force” In Video Conference Market

November 16, 2015

Education markets are in the early stages of a significant disruption in how they purchase video conferencing technologies like Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco, Zoom, Adobe, Citrix and more. This is according to a recent report by Alan D. Greenberg of Wainhouse Research. After describing some of the changes in education markets, Greenberg goes on to describe Mediasite Join as a change agent.

“There is a fourth category of vendor, however, that is only beginning to emerge as a disruptive force in this segment:  lecture capture providers,” Greenberg writes in a research note, Extending Lecture Capture via Video Conferencing, published Nov. 12 for Wainhouse Research subscribers. “This group is small in number, but some of its members have identified methods of delivering additional services by creating nodes within video conferencing networks and then recording video conferencing sessions / classes just as they might record traditional captured lectures.”

Mediasite Join is one example. It expands the reach, life and value of any videoconference by recording and transforming it into engaging, searchable video on-demand. With no additional appliances or equipment, it’s the easiest way to preserve everything that is said and shown in a collaborative classroom environment. Users simply invite Mediasite Join as a participant to their videoconferences. It then transcodes, indexes and publishes recorded videoconferences to Mediasite alongside all their other video assets.

“With its recently introduced Mediasite Join service, Sonic Foundry is working to better blend the worlds of video conferencing and lecture capture by recording, transforming and archiving these conference calls as searchable video on demand,” writes Greenberg.

Wainhouse Research spoke to several Mediasite Join users for analysis, and heard from an administrator at one northeastern-U.S.-based school that the benefit of using Join was that it enables the school to leverage existing video conferencing systems in a new college of business. Once adding Mediasite Join the school was able to support 17 classrooms in one building, and another four on another campus. The university had previously used a different video platform, but ultimately viewed Mediasite Join as a trigger for changing its entire lecture capture setup after its previous platform changed directions.

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