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Video: How to Make Your Next Speaking Gig Flawless

July 10, 2017

So, you’re going to speak at a conference or event soon? Congrats. It’s exciting to be selected to share a little wisdom with people, but if you’re new to the speaking circuit there are probably some nerves, right? That’s to be expected.

After all, a lot could go wrong. You could appear nervous, forget the script, start sweating. And what do you do with your hands? Do you move around the stage and risk tripping over cords?

If you weren’t nervous before, you probably are now. Not to worry. Whether you’re doing a small office presentation or speaking in front of a large audience in-person and online, there are plenty of things you can consider to avoid those dreaded blank stares.

Our Mediasite Events team travels around the world to provide streaming and webcasting services for events of all sizes. So, they’ve seen the best and the worst out there. Check out this fun video the events team made with great tips for your next presentation!


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