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Tri-Marq Communications Helps WEC Energy Group Communicate to Shareholders with Video

December 14, 2015

Blog_Wec Energy Group logoWhether you’re a multi-million dollar company with thousands of employees or a smaller business with remote workers and flexible schedules, it’s imperative that you deliver timely and secure information.

Blog_Tri-Marq logoWEC Energy Group (WEC) recognized this and is ahead of the game, with help from Tri-Marq Communications, Inc., a live event and media production company in Milwaukee. Tri-Marq Communications uses Mediasite to stream WEC’s investor meetings to shareholders across the country.

The publically-traded company (NASDAQ: WEC) headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. provides electricity and natural gas to 4.4 million customers across four states through its brands — We Energies, Wisconsin Public Service, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas, Michigan Gas Utilities and Minnesota Energy Resources.

“We’ve been streaming the WEC investor meetings for many years and started using Mediasite recently,” said Tom Graybill, Vice President, Sales at Tri-Marq Communications. “Viewers are able to see and hear the presenter, as well as supporting PowerPoint slides, and they can ask questions in real time. It’s very easy to plug Mediasite into our event plans because it’s very cost effective for our clients as well as stable and trustworthy.”

Graybill said he’s starting to see more and more of his clients interested in streaming their events as they look for more ways to reach audiences.

“My clients are understanding that when you do a live event, you have to enhance your ROI beyond what can happen in a live event, and recording sessions is an easy way to do that,” Graybill said. “The audiences are becoming more sophisticated and are not willing to tolerate bad productions. You have to think about what their viewing situation is and make it compelling for them to want to watch.”

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