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Training Outcomes Award: Green Heart Hospital Nurses Access On-The-Job Instructional Videos via QR Codes Thanks to Noordhoff Health

April 20, 2017

This is part of a continuing series highlighting the 2017 Enterprise Video Award finalists.


Since January 2017, cardiac care nurses must be on standby on the weekends for emergency procedures in the Cath Lab at Green Heart Hospital (Groene Hart Ziekenhuis) in the Netherlands. The chance that a nurse will be called to action is small, but it’s imperative that he or she knows exactly what to do if it happens.

However, it’s difficult to have full knowledge on every single possibility, especially if it’s about a rare procedure.

“Normally, we will see learning manuals with a lot of text, and sometimes a video. What we see is not effective,” said Jaco van der Worp, Learning & Development professional, Green Heart Hospital.


Green Heart Hospital is a member of Noordhoff Health Publishers, an association with more than 40 hospitals and health care member institutions. Sonic Foundry and Noordhoff Health are partners, co-creating innovative learning solutions for more than 4,000 hospitals, care organizations and nursing schools in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Noordhoff Health’s strategy is to use Mediasite as the key technology to develop, market and sell digital-education content on topics most important to participating hospitals in pre-produced packages of training videos. In addition, Noordhoff Health offers Mediasite Video Cloud to the hospitals, like Green Heart Hospital, and nursing schools on a recurring subscription basis so the staff can produce customized content using My Mediasite. Some of the content is even shared between hospitals via a secure sharing network.

“During the proof of concept we built in (Green Heart Hospital), we saw the high potential and impact for workplace learning with video-enabled performance support,” said Jeroen Krouwels, Director of Business Development & Innovation, Noordhoff Health Publishers. “So we decided to lift it up to the next level, and with the help of Sonic Foundry and our customers, we started to create a Dutch National Health Care Video Network which enables us as a publisher to manage and publish our own content but also empowers our customers to create user-generated content.”


Now, Green Heart Hospital uses Mediasite to create short video instructions that are made by experts in the field. Hospital staff members can access the videos anytime, anywhere and on any device. The videos show up in the hospital’s learning management system, and staff can access them with QR codes and NFC tags.

“We chose Mediasite because it’s a trustworthy video platform that makes it easy for health care professionals to capture, edit and publish videos in the workplace and share them with colleagues,” said Susanne Schinkel, Cardiac Care Nurse, Green Heart Hospital.

Cardiac Care Nurse Angelique Boon said the greatest benefit of Mediasite is that she always has video training readily available in case of an emergency, so she feels better prepared to handle any situation.

Learn more about the strategic partnership between Sonic Foundry and Noordhoff Health here.

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