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Tech Chaos Podcast — Sonic Foundry Talks Tech Partnerships, Telemedicine & New Educational Software

November 30, 2016

Check out rAVe’s latest Tech Chaos podcast with Christa Bender (@AVChrista), “Episode 19: Stream This!,” to hear the latest news about Sonic Foundry.

This week, Sonic Foundry Executive Vice President Rob Lipps joined Christa on her show to discuss why streaming video is complex, the different video solutions for education and corporate clients and new technology partnerships.

You can listen to the full 24 minute show here.

“What we’ve seen most recently, I think, is the opportunity for the video market to segment a bit, having people not just be Swiss army knives when it comes to video but being specialists in certain aspects of video,” Rob told Christa, referring to Sonic Foundry’s recent integration with Ramp to expand options for behind-the-firewall streaming. “Ramp was a really great opportunity for two companies, best-of-breed, to come together and put together a solution that companies were asking for.”

They also discussed a new partnership with Noordhoff Health to co-create video training for 4,000+ European hospitals and healthcare organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the increasing need for video solutions in healthcare.

“Hospitals in general now are rushing to digitize patient records. That’s really accelerated a training requirement for hospitals to not just train on how to use those systems but train on safety and compliance things,” he said.

And in education news, Christa and Rob talked about how student demand for lecture capture is driving institutions to require products for what Rob called “technology skinny rooms.”

“Students are wondering why one class is recorded and not the other. With economic realities in education today, they need to find ways to record rooms that aren’t up for being refurbished or equipped with a bunch of presentation gear,” he said, referring to why Sonic Foundry created the new Mediasite Catch software.

Here’s that link again to listen:

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