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Q&A: Mediasite Meets Demand for Academic Video in Norway

May 26, 2016

In Norway, students demand lecture capture and institutions want to provide it. But, it’s difficult for smaller universities and research institutions to offer the technologies needed.

All Norwegian schools and research institutions are connected to UNINETT’s National Research and Education Network. UNINETT’s mission is to remove barriers to technology and empower them to incorporate educational technologies in classrooms. Mediasite is on UNINETT’s list of cost-effective services available, meaning institutions can connect any of their Mediasite Recorders to UNINETT’s centrally managed Mediasite webcasting and management platform.

Watch the video and read on for a candid Q&A with Thorleif Hallen, manager of education technologies, UNINETT.

What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is a solution where you can capture knowledge in the form of lectures or academic video, and you can manage it, publish it, secure it and get all the analytics that you need to review it.

How has Mediasite helped your video process?

With Mediasite you have the video and you have synchronized slides beside it. Before I started using Mediasite, I used to work at a university in Norway, and we did all of that manually. We sat with the stopwatch and wrote down the time for every slide change. I still remember the day we got the first Mediasite Recorder, which automated everything. Before Mediasite we worked really hard, and now we just sit back and drink coffee and watch the Mediasite magic happen.

What is the biggest Mediasite accomplishment for UNINETT?

Mediasite is being used throughout Norway – 25 to 40 universities in Norway use Mediasite, because we can offer it as a reliable, affordable service that gives them the quality that they want.

The uptick of academic video in Norway is enormous now that schools have access to Mediasite content right at their fingertips. Mediasite increases the quality of teaching and communicating. Students get to learn in a more personalized way, and they really appreciate that lecture recordings are available for review on-demand.

Why is Mediasite important to you?

Every university should do lecture capture, because the students demand it. It will offer you more flexible and effective learning for the students. Mediasite offers all of that in a robust, flexible and dynamic environment. It will adapt to your organization and give you what you need.

What advantage do schools gain from using Mediasite?

If you’re not using lecture capture and Mediasite you will not be able to compete. Globally, every university is using lecture capture or Mediasite. The students want it.

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