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Overall Awesomeness Award: Using Lecture Capture in Large Online Courses

April 27, 2017

This is part of a continuing series highlighting the 2017 Enterprise Video Award finalists.


Dr. Kristina M.W. Mitchell, teaches an online government course at Texas Tech University with about 5,000 students each semester. She needs a way to communicate information to the students about things such as how to access assignments and how to navigate the course.

When in doubt, a student’s first instinct is to email their professor. But responding to the same few questions over and over again isn’t a good use of Mitchell’s time, and students don’t get timely responses.


Mitchell sought an efficient way to deliver video content to her online students. She needed not only a place to store the videos but also a way to create them. My Mediasite was her answer.

“Not only does My Mediasite offer Dr. Mitchell and other Texas Tech faculty tools to easily import existing video content, it allows faculty to create, edit and publish synchronized desktop recording content quickly enough to address student concerns and problems as soon as they’re brought up,” said Ian Wilkinson, Education Projects Specialist, TTU.

When students are unsure how to access the learning management system, for example, Mitchell can have a demonstration recorded and ready for students to view within hours of receiving feedback.


In addition to ease of content creation and management, Mediasite offers faculty the ability to keep their content secure and viewable only to TTU students.

“Keeping content off of popular video sharing services protects our students from advertising and tracking by outside companies. Use of campus authentication allows faculty to find out who is or isn’t watching the assigned content,” Wilkinson said.

“Before I used Mediasite, my inbox was flooded with simple questions,” Mitchell said. “But now with Mediasite helping me to create tutorial videos, the course runs much more smoothly for my students and for me.”


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