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Next Learning 2017 Conference in Holland Reaches New Audiences with Mediasite Events

April 17, 2017

Next LearningThis week’s Next Learning 2017 conference is taking the lead when it comes to webcasting events in Holland.

Conference organizer SBO (Studiecentrum voor Bedrijf en Overheid) has partnered with Mediasite Events to record the event on April 18.  About 800 professionals from the health, corporate and education sectors will attend to discuss innovative learning techniques and new learning strategies. Topics include the new role of human resources development, the use of augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence in learning, new and innovative learning technologies and much more.

Mediasite Events will record the sessions so that attendees can review what they learned on-demand on any device and share the videos with colleagues. All of the videos will be available in a secure online video showcase.

SBO organizes conferences, courses and training programs for professionals. It holds about 200 courses and 40 events, like Next Learning 2017, each year.

“Mediasite is very useful for our delegates who attend Next Learning 2017. They appreciate knowing that if they miss a session in-person, they can review it on-demand,” said Ank Dierckx, Business Director for SBO. “The number of people that will watch these videos is far bigger than the number of people attending.”

“It takes a lot of time and money to go to a conference, and managers like it when people can say there will be videos of the content for review. The benefit of video is you can watch anywhere, any place,” she said.

The use of event webcasting in Holland isn’t as common as in the U.S., Dierckx said, but she hopes that by streaming the Next Learning 2017 conference, more conference organizers will see the value of video and follow suit.

Mediasite Events is a leading provider of event webcasting for hybrid events and high-profile meetings. The team delivers worry-free video streaming and webcasting to hundreds of live and hybrid events of all sizes every year to Fortune 500 companies, university associations, sporting events and more worldwide.

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