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    New National Survey: Video Conferencing’s Role in Enterprise Now and in a Post-COVID World

    April 06, 2021

    Video-ManagementIn a recent survey conducted in collaboration with Industry Dive, Sonic Foundry examined future plans for video usage across the corporate sector, highlighting trends and use expectations post-pandemic.   

    Surprisingly, companies are not just using video for team or client meetings but have implemented the technology to host all-hands meetings, town halls, and live-streamed events. The survey which included over 100 participants showed: 

    • 55% were using video conferencing for all-hands meetings; 
    • 49% were using it for live-streamed events and conferences; 
    • 39% were conducting town hall meetings; 
    • and 33% for company events. 

    Companies of all sizes and from all industries have utilized video tremendously during the pandemic. The Industry Dive survey indicated that 96.2% of respondents said that at least some of their employees work remotely, vs. the 9.26% that said their entire workforce was entirely remote before the pandemic. Going beyond the expected use of video for video conferences and meetings, video has also been heavily used for live training and company social gatherings.  Video has become an essential way to maintain company communication and help people feel connected. 

    Although the future is predicting some form of return to office, video will still be utilized for both remote and in-house meetings with 78% of respondents planning to use video in the future for both remote and on-site employees. Going beyond the past uses of video for conferences and meetings, future anticipated uses include company events and all-hands meetings. It’s clear, video is showing no signs of stopping in the long term as incorporating video into company operations allows a secure way for ease of communication, increased connectivity and improvement within company culture. 

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