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    Mediasite’s Hot List – All the Things to Watch, Read & Ponder During Quarantine

    March 26, 2020

    Most of the world is currently social distancing, self-isolating, or quarantining. That means a lot of time at home and likely a lot of time alone. 

    Looking for some interesting ways to pass the time? We rounded up our favorite things to listen to, watch, read and distract ourselves with. Read on for some great (okay, some may be questionable) suggestions for getting through this difficult time.  

    What we’re listening to 


    Music (and here’s where it gets questionable):

    What were watching 

    • Love is Blind (sorry, not sorry)
    • Schitt’s Creek 


    • Veep 
    • High Maintenance 
    • West World (getting ready for season 3!)
    • Criminal Minds 
    • Hallmark Christmas movies 


    • HGTV 
    • FBI
    • Katy Keane 
    • Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist 
    • Bull 
    • All Rise  
    • Slowly getting through the entire Harry Potter series 

    • Jack Ryan as well as countless movies – Dead Poet’s Society, Knives Out, World War Z  
    • Curb Your Enthusiasm 
    • 90 Day Fiancé 

    What were reading 

    The athome workouts we’re streaming 

    • We are TRYING to do P90X! Emphasis on TRYING! 
    • Riding my Peloton 
    • Spending a lot of time on my bike trainer 
    • Long walks with the dog, hoping to get more into yoga though!
    • For workouts, chasing my son on his razor scooter. Also, we have a NordicTrack treadmill with the iFit thing where you can pretend you are running somewhere outside. Starting a program running in the alps. 
    • Did Arnold Schwarzenegger’s at-home body-weight workout yesterday (he posted it on Reddit). Liked it and would recommend it (it’s scalable for just about anyone).  
    • Resurrected/repaired my old road bike …chasing a virtual peloton on my iPad 
    • Slow walks with elderly dogs 

    Other ideas for beating the boredom  

    • Puzzles, The New York Times Monday crosswords, cribbage, weaving 
    • Baking and cooking 
    • Enjoying a lot of home-cooked meals! 
    • Virtual museum tours
    • Also, we just loved this whole answer and think any parent out there can relate: 
      • Outside of work I’m basically a first-grade teacher with my wife, my duties include: 
        •  Teaching 1st grade math and art 
        • Designated school Janitor and maintenance guy 
        • Nominated School Nurse (I put in my daughter’s eye drops) 
        • Gym Teacher – we are playing lots of 4-Square and going on long bike rides. Minimal sports involving balls since I lack sport ball skills, and my kids have inherited those skills. 

    We hope this list sparks some inspiration. –  Head over to our Facebook page to let us know what you’re doing to stay sane. 

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