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    Mediasite Events Live Streams ‘1619: The Making of America Summit’ to Public this Week

    September 26, 2019

    Do you know how events in history are relevant to our lives today? With the 1619: The Making of America Summit, happening now through Saturday, it’s easy to do just that. Virginia’s 2019 Commemoration, American Evolution, in partnership with Norfolk State University, has teamed up with Mediasite Events to live stream the event to the public so that people all over the world can participate in these important conversations.

    As the U.S. approaches the 400-year anniversary of a ship appearing along the coast of the English colony of Virginia, the summit explores the history of America’s Native, African, and English peoples. This seminar includes immigrant stories and showcases the contributions and influences that have shaped the creation of today’s America. It is the grand finale after a year’s worth of educational programming.

    Mediasite Events, which helps organizations of all sizes create dynamic online event experiences, is live streaming sessions to anyone who completes the free registration. The team created a customized portal for the summit where people can register to watch online.

    “We’re really rich in American history in Virginia. We wanted to reach a national audience with our commemoration, because it allows Americans to reflect on the past and think about how it still affects our daily lives,” said Yuri R. Milligan, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, American Evolution. “American Evolution events are created to engage Virginians but also a large audience worldwide and partnering with Mediasite Events allows us to share our programming to anyone with an internet connection.”

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