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    Mediasite = Central Destination for Zoom Cloud Recordings

    February 01, 2019

    What’s New with Mediasite Join? Automated live streams, SIP Support, Editing Capabilities & Enhanced Functionality

    We’ve all been there. You just finished a productive video or web conference call with lots of good collaboration. Your meeting ends, and BAM, a massive recording is dropped on your desktop.  

    You’re likely going to be left with a large video file that’s way more cumbersome than it is usefulDespite best intentions, you’ll never reference that flat file again, and all those great ideas and important details are gone. But what if they aren’t?  

    Our new Mediasite for Zoom app lets you automatically turn your single-stream Zoom recordings from meetings and classes into rich, searchable and easily shareable on-demand videos – all in one central and secure place.  

    What is the Mediasite for Zoom App?  

    The app lets you automatically publish your recordings from Zoom directly in your Mediasite folder.  

    With Mediasite– rather than a stripped-down version of a meeting, training or lecture – you see all aspects: the audio, the multiple camera streams, as well as slide content.  

    When your call is done, Mediasite downloads the content from Zoom – along with corresponding metadata about the meeting name, creation date, author and associated email addresses – and turns it into rich video. Then, Mediasite maps the content to your Mediasite profile where you access and share it as needed.   

    Anyone given access can easily view it, share it – basically do whatever you’ve given them permission to do with it. [Read our press release]

    What’s in it for you? 

    The beauty of the app is that once your content is in Mediasite, it has all the functionality of a Mediasite video like:  

    • Closed captioning and transcription: Create robust search toolsaccessible videos and meeting transcripts for reference on-demand; Plus improve transcript accuracy with a caption editor  
    • InteractivityAdd in-video quizzing, polls, annotations, related links, study guide questions or post-video surveys to deepen viewer engagement 
    • Editor: Quickly touch up or repurpose a video 
    • Analytics: View intensity maps and usage data for deep insights into your videos  

    With these tools, video creators and system administrators can identify viewer behavior. In fact, with customizable reports and graphics, Mediasite’s analytics capabilities allow you to better understand all viewing activity, like the most viewed segments and viewer drop-off points.  

    The real value in information like this is that it can help shape follow-up discussions by indicating where viewer interest is and isn’t. You can use this information to shape your future meetings and classes to engage viewers.  

    How to get the app: 

    The integration is set up at the admin level and is seamless and invisible to the end-user. The content simply shows up in Mediasite.   

    In the Zoom Marketplace, simply click on the Mediasite logo. You will automatically be transferred to Mediasite’s website where you enter your credentials to let us know you’re trying to reach us through your Zoom account. Marketplace has a service that contacts the Zoom serverpulls out the content and puts it directly in your Mediasite library. 

    This Mediasite and Zoom integration extends the boundaries of your rooms, enables a broader audience and allows for a simple and effective way of recording and managing everything said and shown during collaborative web and video conferences– all within a few simple clicks of the mouse.     

    Users can find the free app in the Zoom App Marketplace 

    This post originally published in July, 2019 and was updated on Feb. 1, 2020. 

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