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How Marshfield Clinic Health Systems Saved A Lot of Time and Money with Video Trainings

September 11, 2017
This is part of a continuing series about how online video has significantly impacted organizational training and services at five U.S. healthcare organizations.

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This is Marshfield Clinic Health Systems’ story.


Marshfield Clinic Health Systems (MCHS) knows that keeping up with the latest advances in medical science is crucial to providing the best possible care. It’s always understood the importance of video in the learning process, recording things such as grand rounds for physicians to watch to hear their colleagues talk about successes and challenges.

However, its old way of doing things was far from efficient. It would take more than 20 hours of video dubbing to send out a batch of training videos to physicians. MCHS needed a quicker, more cost-efficient communication solution.


MCHS turned to Mediasite to record training videos for practicing and retired physicians, staff and allied health providers. Videos in the secure internal online portal include:
  • Grand rounds: Physicians conduct weekly grand rounds videos that are webcast live to all staff and are also available on-demand. Grand Rounds provide opportunities for physicians to share current best practices, highlight important research and answer questions from colleagues and staff.
  • Professional development: Physicians and visiting professors give lectures to keep clinic physicians and staff up-to-date on the latest medical news. Those presentations, as well as PowerPoint slides and any supporting materials, are captured, shared and available for review on-demand.
  • Staff training: Hundreds of staff members attend MCHS managers meetings but space is limited in the auditorium. Some managers attend in person while others watch live via Mediasite. Viewership is tracked with Mediasite analytics.
  • Continuing medical education: Some Mediasite videos are open to the public allowing retired physicians to get continuing medical education credits to keep licenses current.

“We must be as lean as possible and the clinic sees streaming video and our Mediasite deployment as a valuable source of information not available via other tools,” said Richard Kenitzer, Televideo team lead at MCHS.


MCHS has recorded more than 1,200 videos to date that have been viewed 60,000 times.

“Mediasite is easy for the audience and for those of us who do the behind-the-scenes editing and cataloguing. And the videos look good. It’s the best quality available,” Kenitzer said. “Before Mediasite we took a lot of time to do this kind of recording. Now it’s recorded and instantly shared. Mediasite has certainly been a time and cost saver. Having the ability to record once and share many times saves people from doing presentations over and over again.”

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