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Kansas State University’s Selection of Mediasite Leads to Explosive Growth in Campus Video Usage

March 20, 2017

Kansas State University has standardized on Mediasite to create online learning content and serve as the central repository for all academic video files on campus.

With Mediasite, the university has undertaken a focused, campus-wide video content management initiative to preserve the thousands of hours of academic video — historical footage, guest lectures, etc. — amassed over the past nearly four decades. The legacy content, much of which was created on outdated devices and exists in various formats, is being imported to Mediasite to be incorporated into today’s instruction.

“We’ve had a history of solutions scattered everywhere, and Mediasite is a great end-to-end, automated platform from capturing to managing to distributing the media,” said Brandon Utech, Instructional Media Administrator, Kansas State University Office of Mediated Education.

With Mediasite integrated across campus to capture lectures and campus events and My Mediasite software on thousands of faculty computers to quickly create short lectures for flipped instruction, the university has seen explosive growth of video usage. In the first two years, faculty created 25,000 presentations – more than 14,800 hours of content – that has already received nearly 2 million views.

The university is also currently piloting Mediasite Catch, a new podium-based video capture software designed for classrooms not equipped with extensive audio/video capabilities, to expand the usage of Mediasite even more on campus.

“We can increase our usage of Mediasite cost-effectively by implementing Mediasite Catch in classrooms that otherwise would not be able to capture lectures,” Utech said. “We are excited by the potential to further leverage Mediasite’s automation capabilities in places previously considered incapable of automated lecture capture.”

“Leading industry analysts recognize Mediasite as an innovative, cutting-edge technology for education, recognizing its power to help universities increase student achievement, stay competitive and manage all of its valuable knowledge before it gets lost. By implementing video learning technologies like Mediasite, Kansas State University is setting its students and faculty up for the most success,” said Gary Weis, Sonic Foundry CEO. “Its campus-wide online learning initiative has already produced impressive results in the first two years. We’re proud to partner with Kansas State University to create a secure, central home for all its academic video.”

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