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How AI Technology Can Help Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Video Library

August 04, 2022

The use of video in enterprise environments is nothing new. Organizations of all sizes have used video content for decades – to train new employees, provide specific information to customers, market new products, etc.

And precisely because it’s nothing new, many companies have a lot of it on hand. A LOT. This was true even before the pandemic dramatically accelerated the creation of new video content. A 2017 joint report from IBM and Wainhouse Research was already anticipating “a corporate video avalanche” as more and more businesses compiled massive digital archives.

Man filming content with a camera while holding a sheet of paper and a mini shopping cart.
But when the pandemic emerged in March 2020, the growth of enterprise video content absolutely skyrocketed. Companies that were able to continue operating often had employees working both on-site and off, which led to increased use of videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet. Many companies elected to record and store some or all of their videoconferencing activity, which contributed significantly to the accumulation of new content.

Group of employees sitting at a conference table with a virtual conference screen in the background
This ever-increasing volume of video content has created a slew of new challenges for corporate leaders, IT specialists, and professionals in fields that have adopted video-first protocol in the wake of the pandemic.

But we have a solution that can quickly transform these challenges into a massive opportunity. Keep reading to learn how Vidable™, Sonic Foundry’s brand-new AI-powered video analysis and enhancement platform, can help you leverage your video content library in ways that you might never have imagined were possible.

Woman standing while filming content behind a desk
What’s In Your Video Vault?

The main problem with having huge amounts of video content on hand is that it can quickly become difficult to keep track of which topics were covered in which video, when specific content becomes outdated, etc.

Employees who were once responsible for creating and managing video content move on to other roles or other organizations. Naming conventions that made sense at one point in a company’s history may not resonate the same way with current employees, which can make it difficult to parse video content files by title. Ideas for leveraging specific pieces of video content can fade from memory if they aren’t acted on immediately.

And once you’ve lost track of topics, naming conventions, and ideas for leveraging content, it can be incredibly difficult (not to mention time-consuming) to reassemble an organized catalogue of your video content. So as the cost of storage continues to decline, it’s easy to see why some companies have elected to save all or most of their video content while postponing plans to review and/or leverage that content.

The bottom line is that many companies have a lot of value hiding in their video vaults, but they lack an efficient means to identify, extract, and leverage that value.

Which is a shame, because a lot of time and effort goes into the creation of training videos, webcasts, product demos, town hall meetings, testimonials, conference presentations, and other types of enterprise video content. And that front-end effort points directly toward the value that might be hiding in your vault.

Camera preview screen with subject in the background, a man in front of a green screen
How to Identify and Leverage the Value in Your Video Vault

But what if you had the ability to quickly review, categorize, and organize your entire video library without spending a single hour of your workday on it?

Enter Vidable™ – Sonic Foundry’s brand-new AI-powered video analysis and transformation platform. When it comes to video analysis and discoverability, AI can accomplish in minutes what an entire team of humans could do in a month – and Vidable™ was designed to put the power of AI discoverability directly in your hands.

Forthcoming Vidable™ discovery tools will enable you to identify the speaker(s), the topics covered, the audio quality, and many other key characteristics of your video content on a minute-by-minute basis. And, generally speaking, they will be able to produce that data for an hour’s worth of video in under a minute. With that information in hand, you will have the ability to identify the most useful or valuable sections of your video content, and then extract and reformat them for deployment today.

And that’s just the beginning. When the full suite of Vidable™ capabilities becomes available, the platform will offer numerous ways of analyzing, transforming, and distributing your video content for maximum value and impact.

Don’t miss out on the chance to leverage the full value of your video content library. Click here to learn more about Vidable™ and to request a demo.

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