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    How a Technical Partner Can Help You Crush Your Enterprise Video Goals 

    November 19, 2020

    The shift to video communications is happening at a rapid pace across every industry around the world. Is your organization prepared?  

    If you’ve ever launched an organization-wide initiative, you know how important it is to develop an end-to-end strategy and anticipate roadblocks.  

    But how can you be sure you’ve thought of everything? 

    You bring in an expert who’s done it before. 

    With so much uncertainty about the future, it’s critical that you have knowledgeable, trustworthy guidance every step of the way. Only Mediasite has the depth of experience, global infrastructure and high-touch customer support that you need to respond quickly and confidently.  

    Mediasite’s professional services team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the field, successfully coordinating private video initiatives around the world. But now, we’re taking our support to a new level. Video has never been more mission-critical at your organization. Our team can help you 

    • Transform your organization through video, so you can stay competitive in a video-first world 
    • Maximize both your organizational impact and your video investment  
    • Future-proof your video deployments, reduce risk, and accelerate adoption 
    • Make your life easier with simplified products and implementation processes  

    In other words, let’s supercharge your video projects, together. 

    Here’s how:  

    Education: Create customized training based on your video goals 

    • Mediasite U: Once Mediasite is deployed at your organization, make sure your administrative team has effective training. Have you heard of Mediasite U, the online learning portal where you’ll find blog posts, training videos and webinars explaining how to use different features in Mediasite? It’s your destination for all things training-related in the Mediasite Community. Visit Mediasite U 
    • Mediasite U Boot Camp: Consider taking a virtual boot camp, which will help new and seasoned Mediasite users alike get up to speed quickly. During these one-day online trainings, you’ll join a Mediasite expert and a small group of fellow users in real-time. Learn about boot camps 
    • Virtual Training: You can customize a training session based on your video priorities. There are Mediasite trainers all over the world who would love to work with your school or organization to provide virtual hands-on education. Learn more 

    Professional Services: Define your goals and maximize your video investment with a trusted partner  

    Starting and maintaining an on-prem, enterprise video deployment can be a full-time job. Make sure you have Mediasite’s professional services team by your side from initial deployment assistance to ongoing strategic guidance. The team will help you define your goals, determine system requirements and establish what your video solution should look like. You’ll get help with  

    • Load testing: Have a large event coming up and not sure your network can handle the viewership? Test your servers’ limits before your big day. You won’t actually need to coordinate 5,000 actual users for the test either. Or, lean on our Mediasite Video Cloud service to host your next large event and take one more thing off your to-do list. 
    • Infrastructure deployment recommendations: Streamline deployments of all different sizes. 
    • System audits: Get help analyzing your settings and processes, and receive a report highlighting areas of potential improvement.
    • Custom development: Tie Mediasite to your existing applications. Many users have already taken advantage of this offering to build out scheduling automations, provisioning, custom players, chat channels, and other unique tools. 

    Virtual and Hybrid Events: Mediasite Events’ complete solution 

    No two events are the same, and the Mediasite Events team is custom-building virtual worlds for organizations and schools of all sizes for an engaging experience, despite distance. Let the team’s 15+ years of experience creating dynamic online events all over the world help you connect your audience via a customizable event website, session streaming, e-commerce options, a virtual expo hall and more.

    Learn more about Mediasite Events’ new complete virtual event platform here 

    Get inspiration from your peers 

    Below are three examples of clients who have leveraged our professional services teams to ensure efficient, successful project rollouts: 

    xjtlu logoXi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University: Converting to an online campus during COVID-19 

    During the initial stage of the COVID-19 outbreak in February, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in China turned to online lectures with Mediasite. In just days, it fast-tracked a massive Mediasite expansion to give all faculty access to personal video capture software. It converted 70 percent of the 450 courses online. During the first two days of the semester, faculty created more than 2,000 lecture videos that students viewed nearly 100,000 times in Moodle.  

    The university worked closely with the professional services team to reconfigure its deployment and accelerate its desktop video capture strategy. The Mediasite team continues to work with XJTLU to ensure its on-premises infrastructure supports the online classes. Learn more 

    Perelman logoPennsylvania School of Medicine: Moving to the Cloud 

    When Pennsylvania School of Medicine approached the Mediasite team about moving to the cloud, they had already been actively using Mediasite for years. With 11 terabytes of video and new content being added regularly, they were having bandwidth concerns and feeling burdened by the management of their server infrastructure. 

    With that much video, a transition to the cloud was a huge project. Plus, of course, there was no real downtime to take advantage of. One of the Mediasite hosting admins described it as “performing heart surgery on a marathon runner while they’re running.” Instructors still needed to create content, and their students still needed to be able to access it, throughout the project.     

    The school brought on a migration team from Mediasite to support them through the transition. They are now comfortably managing all 11+ terabytes of video in the cloud while their bandwidth constraints are a distant memory. Next, they’re looking for ways to get even more out of Mediasite. 

    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Hospital-Wide Recording (Thousands of Viewers) 

    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital relies heavily on video to educate and inform its staff, and they’ve been comfortably using Mediasite to do that for years. 

    But when upper management approached the AV team about hosting a hospital-wide recording to all 16,000 employees they were understandably distressed. The most they’d ever managed before was 1,200 concurrent viewers 

    Since the hospital’s IT team was busy with other mission critical duties, on top of the fact that they weren’t intimately familiar with Mediasite, the AV team approached Mediasite for help. They were introduced to Mediasite’s support infrastructure services. 

    The services team helped Cincinnati run a system audit on their server, gathering the information needed to inform the settings that would support the hospital-wide recording. Mediasite made specific recommendations based on the information, and the AV team forwarded those recommendations to the IT team. 

    The Future of Mediasite Support 

    If you’re sitting in your home office, stressing because you can’t figure out how to solve a problem: give us a call. We’re here to help you. 

    Whether it’s a technical issue or a strategic question, we won’t stop until we find you an answer. We’ve got 20 years of experience on our side, with countless customer experiences to look to for solutions and ideas. We’re more than happy to share those ideas to help you get the results you’re after. 

    Watch the keynote from the 2019 Mediasite Experience (MSX) conference, How to Create Big Value from Mediasite. You’ll just need to create a free profile.

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